The Bachelorette spoilers: Rachel Lindsay, Bryan Abasolo’s hometown date

Bryan Abasolo's hometown dateThe Bachelorette is kicking off the hometown dates on Monday night, and with that, we imagine that there’ll be plenty of romance! Also, there will be plenty of drama. This is what happens when people get to meet the parents, who of course have all sorts of concerns regarding whether or not their children should be dating / get engaged to the person at the center of the show.

If you look below, you can get some early details of one important date between Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo, a guy who definitely seems to be a favorite of hers. To date, one of the biggest concerns that she has expressed with him is almost in the vein of him being too perfect. There aren’t many flaws in what he’s presented to her, and it’ll be interesting to see if that lasts. One of the big issues that Rachel may encounter is one when it comes to winning over Bryan’s mother:

“Bryan is anything but shy when it comes to expressing his feelings for Rachel. She meets him in his hometown of Miami, visiting the famous Calle Ocho where the pair try salsa dancing, playing dominoes and sampling some tasty street food from Columbia. However, there are dark clouds looming as Rachel is fearful of not getting Bryan’s mother’s approval – a problem that broke up his last relationship. Although Rachel does her best to convince his mom that she would be the perfect daughter-in-law, Bryan’s mother is clearly suspicious of her son’s new relationship.”

We feel like how Bryan’s mother feels is similar to how many other moments in this position do — she doesn’t want him to be hurt, but she also doesn’t want him to do something that he will regret later. Getting engaged to someone you’ve known for weeks may qualify as that, and she may be hesitant.

If there’s one big reason to hope that the relationship between the two works out here without further problems, it’s that Rachel is the sort of person who can effectively win someone like Bryan’s mother over. She’s smart, she’s articulate, and it doesn’t take much in order to convince her that she’s genuine and wants nothing more than to have a wonderful life with the person that she loves. Seeing this relationship unfold and develop from the hometown date, if he makes it past that, should be interesting to watch. All signs point to that happening, given that Bryan got the first impression rose and has received many other over the next few days.

If you want to get some other news on The Bachelorette, including some other hometown date details, be sure to head over to the link here right now! We’ll have some other news when it comes to the show and some other dates in the weeks to come. (Photo: ABC.)

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