Zoo season 3 episode 4 spoilers: The family reunion (just in time)

Zoo season 3 episode 4When Zoo season 3 episode 4 airs on CBS next week, you’re going to have a chance to see something that definitely makes us smile: A reunion. Abraham and Dariela are back with the team! Sure, everyone is awesome and more than capable of making it through some tough times on their own, but we’re mostly excited for opportunities to see the entire gang together. They are the most fun when they are bunched up, and they are also capable of doing the most good this way. They have a unified mission, as well — trying to stop all of the hybrids at all costs. We know that this is not going to be an easy task for any of them, but they’ve been through worse. With that, they should be able to conquer it.

For some further news as to what lies ahead, just be sure to check out the official synopsis below.

Zoo season 3 episode 4 synopsis – “Abraham and Dariela reunite with the team as they try and stop the hybrids from taking over New York City.”

There is something very much exciting about the idea of the primary setting here being New York City, mostly because you are putting things on such a large scale with so many people. If this city ends up falling, it puts the rest of America and the world into some jeopardy. This is where some of the stakes lie, and we imagine that there will be a tremendous sense of urgency … but also plenty of entertainment since this is Zoo we are talking about. This is a show that does like to engage in some over-the-top antics here and there, and this episode really doesn’t look as though it’s any exception to the rule there.

Spoilers from the promo below

We don’t think that this necessarily gives all that much away about what is coming up, save for the fact that the entire Zoo crew is now back together in one place, and in turn is facing a whole wide array of threats that are coming at them via the hybrids. Someone gets clocked in the face, and there are going to be a lot of chase scenes through various hallways with guns … because why not? This isn’t a show that really likes to slow things down all that much when it comes to action.

There are a few sightings of hybrids in this promo, but we don’t necessarily think that these are going to be the same ones that we see in the episode. After all, these are hybrids that we’ve seen already in some other promos elsewhere!

Is there anything that you want to see on the next new episode of Zoo? Be sure to share some of your thoughts and hopes now in the comments!

Meanwhile, be sure to head over to the link here in the event you do want some further news when it comes to the show. (Photo: CBS.)


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