Emmys 2017: Celebrating This Is Us, Claire Foy, Alexis Biedel nominations

Alexis Biedel

It’s that time of year again when the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announces the 2017 Emmy nominees. While their were snubs, we are going to focus on who we are happy to see in the running for the golden statue.

First is Claire Foy. While she took home the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award playing Queen Elizabeth 11 in The Crown, it was still great to see her recognized for the highest honor in television. Her performance still leaves fans in awe of her talents and new audience members still can’t get enough of her, so its no wonder she is the frontrunner in the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series category.

Second is Milo Ventimiglia. When it was announced that he had made it into the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series category it was fantastic to hear. Regarded as a potential surprise nominee in previous polls, his performance as Jack Pearson in This Is Us still makes fans emotional. He plays the so-called perfect father who always knows what to say to his kids in order to make things right. While he may not always be a perfect person, the depth of his character and Ventimiglia’s portrayal makes it easy to see why the Television Academy nominated him.

Two other nominees we are happy to see come from the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Category. The first is Millie Bobby Brown for Stranger Things. The young actress showed audiences just how talented she is during the show’s first season in her role as Eleven. What makes this a great nomination is the fact that most of her role was relied upon her facial expressions and her actions and we are thrilled the Television Academy saw this too.

The other from the category is Chrissy Metz. Her breakout role in This Is Us was relatable to many people and Metz’s portrayal made fans want everything and more for her character Kate Pearson. Her character’s battle with her weight and confidence was realistic, and it was never overacted or overdone, it was simply perfect.

The last person from the Drama categories we are delighted to see is Alexis Bledel. Her powerful performance in The Handmaid’s Tale left fans speechless. In one episode which lasted for about fifty four minutes, Bledel didn’t utter a single word expect for a moan and it was by far the most memorable performance. The way she used her expressions and actions showed why the Television Academy recognized her. Her performance was so impressive she was also promoted to a series regular for the upcoming season 2.

As far as the Comedy categories go, we were delighted to see Jane Fonda was included in the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy category for her role in Grace and Frankie. While her co-star Lily Tomlin’s (also nominated) Frankie has more flexibility to show her funny side, Fonda’s Grace can still make us laugh. While Frankie’s opposite, Fonda plays Grace in a way that always surprises fans and makes us want more. It was great to see the Television Academy acknowledge it.

In regards to the biggest awards, Best Drama and Best Comedy. It was thrilling to see This Is Us nominated for Best Drama. This is show is a different kind of show that could have gone either way. And as it turned out it completely worked.

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This story was written by Samantha D’Amico. If you want to follow her on Twitter, you can do so at @SAM_iamXO.

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