NCIS: Los Angeles season 9: One Densi bump in the road

DensiMrs. Carter: Are there some hard times coming for Densi on NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 this fall?

Well, some of that depends on how you define “hard times.” The good news is that these two characters are very much engaged after the super-sweet proposal scene that we witnessed at the end of this past season. That’s not changing, so take a deep breath if you’re one of the fans that are super-worried about whether or not the show is going to reverse course on that.

However, you also shouldn’t expect the relationship to be suddenly smooth sailing either. Every relationship has some bumps in the road along the way, and we also absolutely imagine that this one will, as well. What’s one of the biggest ones? Well, think for a minute in terms of getting the entire family involved. While being engaged should be a happy, celebratory affair, Deeks for whatever reason may have a little bit of hesitation cluing some people in his life into what is going on. Specifically, we’re talking about his mother!

According to Entertainment Weekly, Deeks is going to be hesitant to tell his mother that they’ve made that next move to the next level and are engaged — which will probably lead to some questions and possibly tension. However, Deeks isn’t the sort of guy who really keeps secrets from the people that he cares about, so we expect him to tell her in due time.This is the sort of conflict that does tend to come up here and there in life, so we can’t say that we’re really that shocked to see it come up in the show and let’s be honest – while engagements are wonderful, there is usually some family tension that pops up when planning a wedding. Everyone has best intentions when giving their input on where to have it, what colors to choose and who is invited, but it can become a bit frustrating leading up to the big day. More than anything, Deeks does have to trust his family and the relationships that he’s built, since otherwise he’s in a position where he runs the risk where everything does start to fall apart. We don’t think that’s going to happen with this show, but it is absolutely something that he needs to be aware of since he doesn’t want it to happen.

New episodes of the CBS series are going to be filming for much of the summer / fall until the spring. While it’s a little too early to say for sure that we’re going to be getting a Deeks / Kensi wedding in the near future, it is something that we’re certainly more than a little bit psyched to see whenever it does happen.

As for if there will be some other relationship conflict elsewhere, you have to think it’s possible given where we left off at the end of this past season and some of the other characters who are parts of the show’s family. While this isn’t a show about dating, the relationships here are organically the end product of everything that’s been built over the past year. That is, in turn, one of the main reasons for the series’ overall popularity.

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