Nashville season 5 episode 19 spoilers: ‘You Can’t Lose Me’

Nashville season 5 episode 19Just so that you know in advance, Nashville season 5 episode 19 is clearly doing its part to kick you right in the feels. For evidence of that, just look at the title: “You Can’t Lose Me.” This is a proclamation of desperation as much as it is anything, and it gives you a sense of some of the pain that is coming in this story. We imagine that there are many different meanings to this, but we imagine in our head that it involves a romantic relationship. Someone may be in jeopardy, or characters may just be on the brink of their relationship starting to fall apart. Either way, this is clearly an interesting title, one that could set the stage for some epic events to come. This is, after all, what happens when we start to get near the end of a season.

Alas, there isn’t a whole lot more in the way of advanced information out there via CMT, but our early thoughts are that this is going to be one of those epic, super-memorable hours that you hold close for some time. It makes you concerned over the future for some of these characters, and that is probably almost to a T what the network wants near the end of the season. This is a time to be concerned, but also a time to hope that whatever developments there are set the stage for a season 6.

(Quick reminder: There is going to be a Nashville season 6! Nothing to worry about there.)

Another Warning: We’ve got further spoilers from tonight’s episode coming up.

About the promo…

If you look below, you can get a pretty good sense as to some of the circumstances coming in this episode, and how devastating they are. Scarlett is going to be recovering from her attack at the end of this past episode, and the aftermath of that is going to lead to Gunnar making one of the biggest, boldest moves that he has to date. You can see him in here tracking down the young man responsible for robbing the two of them at gunpoint, and getting a little bit of revenge in the process.

Beyond that, we’ve also got in this video a chance to see a little bit more Juliette drama, namely in how the show has finally brought the tension between her and Maddie to a boil. You knew that this was going to be coming eventually, and we’re now at a place where that is going to be finally coming to a boil. Suffice it to say, we’re excited for everything that is going to be coming up next.

What do you want to see on Nashville season 5 episode 19? Feel free to share your thoughts / hopes for the installment in the comments below!

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