Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Eviction expectations; talk-show aftermath (day 23, morning)

eviction expectationsLast night in the Big Brother 19 house, there was actually more drama than we had for much of the past week thanks to Dominique’s talk show. We think that she does it for two reasons: Two build an audience for her YouTube channel after the house, and also so that she can get information from all of the other players and also read them in certain situations.

However, one of the big questions that came out of the drama last night was whether she was too pushy with her line of questioning to Cody. Both Paul and Elena were unhappy about it, and the information started to spread about the people who supposedly knew that Paul and then Christmas were going on the block before the move happened. Paul’s got some paranoia going on about it, and in the end Cody succeeded with his plan to make people crazy. It hasn’t changed the fact that Ramses and Jessica are still two of the most obvious targets moving into next week, but Dominique and Mark are probably targets now more so than they were beforehand.

Meanwhile, this news also opens up more flexibility for Paul to work with other people down the road. He only has one more week of safety, and he has to then prepare to be a target once more in the game. For the time being, though, Paul’s just mad at Dominique. He talked with her about her questions late last night, and she said that she’d try to keep the focus more on personal stuff as opposed to the game in the future. (Personally, we have a feeling that late-night times with Dominique the Dominator are likely coming to a close for the time being. Who wants to do this again after all of the mess that it caused?)

Nothing has really changed when it comes to who is going home tonight: Cody’s leaving, and the vote may as well be unanimous since the other votes that come out tonight (if they happen) are more symbolic than anything else. Cody did tell Paul that he likes him better at this point than almost anyone else in the house, and if he comes back via the Battle Back he would like to try and work with him. We don’t even think Cody is full of it entirely since he is one of those guys who respects competitors and wouldn’t want to work with weaklings. He also would love for Jessica to still be there, but that seems unlikely since the majority of the house wants her out next over Ramses. (Paul isn’t one of those people, but he may only be able to do so much.)

Come back later…

If you visit this link, we’re going to have in due time a little more in the way of insight on the Head of Household Competition coming up! We’ll also have some last-minute insight leading into the eviction show. (Photo: CBS.)

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