ESPYs 2017: Bryan Cranston gives Vin Scully Icon Award

ESPYsIf there was one moment at the ESPYs this year that made many a sports fan tear up, it’s probably the sight of Vin Scully getting an award. Specifically, we’re talking about him getting the Icon Award, no less. It’s one of the most prestigious awards of the entire show, and he’s one of the most recognizable voices in the history of sports.

If you live in Los Angeles, you know this more than anyone. Scully was the voice of the Dodgers, he was a comfort for many fans, and his quotes became legendary. He retired this past October after more than six decades on the job, and he was every bit as humble and sweet as you would imagine him to be. He was gracious, his speech was simple, and he uttered his famous opening one more time.

Oh, and he also got an introduction from none other than Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston, who came in from New York with the specific purpose of honoring him before flying back to New York after the fact. If that’s not commitment, what is? It just goes to further show the level of respect and adoration that the sports community has for the guy.

It’s not often that a broadcaster, someone who is not an athlete and only occasionally interacts with the players, ends up getting honored at an awards show themed all around said athletes. That’s what makes Vin Scully in part so special. Check out the full video below, and get ready for all sorts of emotion.

Now, let’s just have a little fun

The biggest moment of the entire evening, nice speeches aside, was host Peyton Manning getting in an incredible burn while talking about NBA star Kevin Durant. When discussing the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team and their dominance at the Olympics last summer, the former football icon said that they were so great that Durant wants to go and play for them next year. The facial reaction from Durant showed that he was less than amused. (Durant famously left the Oklahoma City Thunder last year in order to go play for the Golden State Warriors. The team ended up winning the NBA title, but Durant lost some respect for going to join a super-team in order to do it.)

Anyone who was surprised about how funny Peyton was in this job clearly didn’t see the guy at the roast of Rob Lowe, given that he was hysterically funny there and showed that he has no problem taking a joke. He could probably have more of a comedy career if he wanted win, though he seems more than fine just chilling out and making tons of money off of advertisements and Papa John’s locations.

Let’s turn this over to you

What was your favorite moment of the ESPYs this year? Be sure to let us know your thoughts now in the attached comments! (Photo: ESPYs.)

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