Big Brother 19 episode 7 review: Veto Ceremony fireworks and toads

Big Brother 19 episode 7Big Brother 19 episode 7 is a story of many different things, whether it be a story of toad costumes, a story of a backdoor, and a story of how sometimes, having a plan carried out to full success isn’t the most exciting television.

Oh, and it’s also the story of one of the best Veto Meetings this season. We’re all about people getting so angry during these; it’s way more fun than the typical nonsense, that’s for sure.

Let’s start with what happened early on the episode — we got a chance to see Cody, Jessica, and Jason’s toad outfits for the first time. This was certainly fun, but they actually took it rather well, all things considered. We chalk up Cody being relatively even-keeled (at least by his standards) on his game being a slow death. This wasn’t something that came about quickly, so he had time to go through his seven stages of grief.

Cody not being picked for the Veto was effectively the final nail in his coffin. Once we officially got to that point, we knew that he was ultimately done for good. His only hope was Ramses debating as to whether or not he wanted to throw the Veto, and his lack of interest in doing so made him an instant target.

The Veto Competition

The show really tried to make some sort of big deal out of Ramses potentially throwing the competition (which he did) — one of the biggest problems, though, was that everyone legitimately trying to win it did terrible. Basically, the ineptitude of people like Elena, Matt, and Alex made things look so much worse for them than they would’ve otherwise.

After Ramses posted a good time, Paul did have a little bit of an internal debate as to leaving the nominations the same. There’s the known threat in Cody, and then there’s the sneaky threat in Ramses, who actually is capable of winning the challenges at the end of the game. If it wasn’t for the fact that Cody was such an easy vote that got zero blood on Paul’s hands, maybe it would have been work considering Ramses more.

Now, the Veto Meeting

The show hyped this up like it’d be something crazy, and it was thanks to Josh — the air show didn’t hype this up at all, but Josh and Paul were planning a little bit of fireworks in advance. This was a pretty epic speech on Josh’s part, and it really just descended into name-calling and Cody insulting Josh’s masculinity again. (So much for Cody’s civility.)

Anyway, Paul used the Veto on Josh, and in turn, he put up Cody — a predictable end to a predictable episode. There was some humor in here, but we do like Big Brother more when there is chaos and a little bit of unexpected drama. Grade: B.

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