Game of Thrones season 7 spoilers: New Gwendoline Christie, Lena Headey photos

Gwendoline ChristieThe excitement for the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere on Sunday continues and the latest Gwendoline Christie photo keeps that hype going strong.

Before today, there really wasn’t all that much in the way of Brienne footage or analysis for this season of Game of Thrones out there. For one reason or another, they’ve kept her story under wraps. Nonetheless, you see her now (in the photo above) doing some of what she does best: Training for battle, and doing it with her trusty Pod at her side. We’re still very curious to know what Pod’s endgame in all of this is, mostly because to date much of his claim to fame is that he’s helpful and/or really famous for his sexual prowess.

Anyhow, Brienne’s going to be very important (most likely to Jon Snow and Sansa up in the North), as they contemplate what they want their next move to be. They’re at odds with King’s Landing, and they may choose to do battle with Cersei and her army. Yet, there is also the looming threat in the White Walkers that will need to be dealt with sooner rather than later. These walls are closing in, and for Brienne, we figure that they are even more so given that her allegiances are torn with House Stark on one side, and then over with Jaime Lannister on the other. We haven’t seen a whole lot of him with Queen Cersei just yet, but odds are that will change in the near future. He’s always been a character in conflict, and our deep-seeded hope is that he is someone who can be redeemed as one of the good people.

We’ll likely get a chance to start figuring some of this out on Sunday night.

Lena Headey

Meanwhile, let’s talk Cersei…

While this photo is hardly the most revealing one in the known world, it certainly is rather badass and a great showcase of everything that she has and doesn’t have. By one token, after all, she is more powerful than she’s ever been — she has the Iron Throne, and nobody is standing in her way of ruling. This is a far cry from someone who was publicly shamed when she walked up and down the streets of King’s Landing by the High Sparrow. She can do what she wants, but she’s also a character who’s lost everything to get said power. Tommen committed suicide, while Myrcella and Joffrey were both killed. Her father Tywin is gone, and her brother Tyrion is working against her. Jaime is really the only familial ally that she has, but he’s got a very different relationship with her than he once did. He’s experienced more, and with that probably understands other people and a way that she cannot.

Now, we turn this over to you

What do you want to see on Game of Thrones season 8, especially when it comes to Cersei and Brienne? Do you think either party is in grave danger? Share below!

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