The Flash season 4 spoilers: Peek-a-Boo returning

Peek-a-BooThe Flash season 4 now has its first confirmed villain (beyond of course Clifford DeVoe), and it’s someone in Peek-a-Boo with a past!

Per a report from Entertainment Weekly, the character Shawna Baez (played on the show by Britne Oldford) is going to be appearing in the October premiere as her character, who has the unique ability to transport herself around and cause all sorts of trouble. She’s so elusive as they come, and she’s smart and pretty crafty at the same time.

What should make her appearance interesting this time is that her main rival (yes, that rival reference was intentional to conjure up memories of last year) may not be Barry Allen. With Grant Gustin’s character stuck within the Speed Force thanks to the season 3 cliffhanger, we wouldn’t be shocked if it is Wally West’s Kid Flash who squares off against her this time. Maybe it’s possible that she’s come around and is a force more for good than evil … but we doubt it. This is a superhero show and you need bad guys. Also, you gotta think that being put into the pipeline prison for a while (she was eventually broken out by Captain Cold and the Golden Glider) will have made her rather angry and driven for revenge.

The last time that Peek-a-Boo appeared within the Flash canon was actually during the web series The Chronicles of Cisco, where she wanted a little “help” from Cisco Ramon. We don’t know if there will be any nods to that project in the premiere, just because there are probably many viewers of The Flash who haven’t seen it or may not be that aware of it.

So … where’s DeVoe?

It is interesting that the character has not been cast just yet, but one of the reasons for that may just be that Clifford doesn’t turn up right away. It’s possible that he will be featured a few episodes into the season, especially since the CW superhero shows like to slow burn into most of their villains. Typically, the best that you can hope for with a Big Bad in the premiere is a small tease of some of the drama that is to come. We had that with Alchemy last season on The Flash, and with Prometheus over on Arrow. Anything more here and we’ll be surprised — pleasantly so, but surprised nonetheless.

Over the coming weeks, we imagine that some more one-off / recurring villains will be announced. It looks as though we’ll still see Captain Cold in some capacity despite him being dead in the present-day timeline, and we have a hard time thinking that the show is done with some other people like Top or Mirror Master.

Now, some of your thoughts

Let us know what recurring villains you want to see on The Flash season 4 in the attached comments! Meanwhile, you can head over here in the event you want some further news when it comes to the show. (Photo: The CW.)

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