Supergirl season 3: what exciting challenges will occur next?

Supergirl season 3

It’s been another great season for the CW’s Supergirl. Not only as the series raised the bar with it’s storytelling but it also has managed to keep a pretty consistent audience every week. Between the villains and the daily struggles that pop in Kara’s personal life, the show has done a lot.

So what could happen during season 3?

Well for one, the season 2 finale has set up the upcoming season with a lot of questions.

One, will Mon-El get back to Earth? It certainly may be awhile before he does, considering his pod was entering a wormhole and he was dying when fans last saw him. Kara/Supergirl only sent him away to try and get him to someplace safe while he was choking to death. If fans will remember during this scene Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and Mon-El (Chris Wood) said “I love you” to each other. This scene was heartbreaking and touched many fans’ hearts. We hope Mon-El survives and finds his way back.

Second, who is the baby the hooded figures on Krypton sent to Earth to “reign”? Well as reported previously it was Odette Annable who is set to be an interpretation of the infamous World Killer. This is going be a fantastic way to keep the show exciting, not to mention keep the comic books alive. It would also give Supergirl an even greater challenge. Now that’s not to say she hasn’t been challenged before, but now the enemy would be more difficult. She would have to start thinking of new ways to defeat the villain and it would also establish a little bit more of who she is.

Now as far as the fan favorite couple goes, things could get interesting. After Kara/Supergirl made the heartbreaking decision to send Mon-El away she told Alex (Chyler Leigh) to never let Maggie (Floriana Lima) go. So what did Alex do? She proposed to Maggie. And while fans never saw her give an answer, the smile on Alex’s face may have said it all. So when the series does return in the fall, the two could be engaged and the showrunners have certainly made it seem that way.

However, the true question is will they stay engaged? It was definitely a spontaneous decision and Maggie could have answered “yes” because of it being in the moment. But Maggie could also come to her senses and realize the choice she has just made. By having Maggie have second thoughts about the engagement it could bring some tense moments for them. It would also drive their relationship during season 3 to keep fans on the edge of their seats wondering if their favorite couple will work everything out. But for now, we can only wait and see. With Lima not being a series regular for season 3, there are questions as to how much she’ll turn up.

Finally, we hope Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) will return as well as Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) because both of them act like Kara/Supergirl’s conscious, helping and guiding her decisions. They also seem to be the characters that remind her of who she is, either by showing her or by offering a wise saying. They ground her and from the looks of it, she may need them this season.

For more news related to Supergirlbe sure to visit this link. New season 3 episodes will air starting on October 9, 2017.

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