This Is Us season 2 filming officially underway — first photo

This Is Us season 2 filmingEveryone, start stockpiling your tissues — This Is Us season 2 filming is officially underway for the cast and crew!

In a new post on Twitter, series star Sterling K. Brown (Randall) was one of the first to share a photo on the set, and it featured none other than himself alongside Milo Ventimiglia (Jack) and Mandy Moore (Rebecca). The thing that we find the most fun about the photo is that thanks to the time periods they inhabit, this is the only change that you’re ever going to get in order to see these three performers in the same place. Need we remind you where Jack is in the present? (Please, don’t make us remind you — it’s much too depressing to think about most of the time.)

This second season is set to shed some more light on what happened with Jack, but at the same time we also expect a far deeper window into the soul of what’s happening with Randall in the present. Near the end of season 1, he lost his father William in “Memphis,” the most gut-wrenching episode of the entire series. He was just starting to get more of a sense as to precisely who he was and the history that he had; now, he’s left scrambling a little bit in that sense.

If we were to get into specifics when it comes to Jack and Rebecca, we know that he’s left the house after an epic fight with Rebecca to stay with Miguel. Maybe we’re close to the moment where he goes, or maybe it’s still a small stretch down the road. There is a little bit of time in order to figure out more on this subject.

As for the expectations…

Let’s just say for a moment that those still remain through the roof. The first season was a critical revelation and a commercial smash, and that sets the bar so much higher for everything that will be coming in season 2. We’re in some ways more worried about the show as a result of that, since there is now this thought that the show has to “top” what it’s done previously. We personally wish that there was a way to keep production insular so that there was no feedback or hype; instead, the show could just tell a story that was completely separate from everything.

New episodes are going to premiere this September; here’s to seeing how the mysteries are resolved, and also if the show can maintain the same amount of ratings momentum that it has at the moment.

What are you the most excited to see when it comes to This Is Us season 2 filming? Be sure to share in the comments!

Meanwhile, be sure to head over to the link here to get some other news when it comes to some of what you can expect to see coming up. (Photo: NBC>)

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