America’s Got Talent review: Harrison Greenbaum, Angelina Green, more audition

Angelina GreenThe final audition show for America’s Got Talent season 12 is here, and we are feeling at the moment a mixture of excitement and sadness. These shows are so fun, and we now have the face a terrible future where we’re not going to be able to enjoy them anymore. Nobody wants that.

Over the course of the night, we’re going to be here to do the same sort of stuff that we’ve done all season: Highlights of the acts! We’ll also grade them to give you a sense of how all of them did and could do moving forward.

5 Alive – They’re corny, cheesy, but surprisingly talented as singers and dancers. We’re still not sure if they are serious or a joke. Either way, everyone loves a good boy band, right? It doesn’t really matter since we found this endlessly entertaining. Beyond this audition, maybe it won’t work anywhere near as much. Grade: B+.

German Cornejo Dance Company – They are super-entertaining as a tango group, and we definitely think that they’ve got a chance of moving forward to the live shows. Unfortunately, these sort of ballroom acts never seem to win. Grade: B.

Angelina Green – She was sensational, and she is also Heidi Klum’s golden buzzer act. If you head over to the link here, you can read even more about her. Grade: A-.

Harrison Greenbaum – Harrison is a former contestant of Last Comic Standing, and he gave a pretty good set about how so many people perceive him to be gay. Also, the joke that he sent over Simon Cowell’s way was very good and felt almost in-the-moment, even if it was planned. He’s a very good comic, and this show needs more of people like him. Grade: A-.

Inka Tiitto – This was astounding, and nothing quite like anything that we’ve seen on the show before. There was dancing, but almost in the air in zero gravity. We wish that acts like this, that are so different and so astounding, got more attention overall. Grade: A.

Jonathan Rinny – We’ve seen these sort of balancing acts on the show in the past, but we do think that this one was all sorts of fantastic. He managed to not only complete the stunt with the skateboard, but he then upped the ante with the second performance. Grade: B+.

Mike Yung – He’s a great singer, someone with a lot of passion and a history of performing on the subway for many years. Is he a little bit dated? Sure, but we’d be a tad hypocritical if we chided him and enjoyed 5 Alive earlier in the episode. Grade: B.

Canion Shijirbat – Very cool visual artist, and someone who was able to really make something out of nothing in ways that we wouldn’t see coming with the projection. Clearly, our favorite part was when he managed to completely fool Simon Cowell into thinking that there were two of them. Grade: B+.

Danielle & Oscar – While it’s not redefining anything when it comes to the acrobat category, this was a fun little number between father and son that showed a ton of showmanship and a willingness to try and with the judges over with both personality and tricks. Grade: B.

Mirror Image – No thank you. These teen twins were overly cocky, overly nasally, and their pitch was all over the place. We’re sure that teen girls will love this, but we only did when the two were dancing as opposed to when they singing. Grade: C+.

Which act was your favorite on America’s Got Talent this week? Be sure to share some of your thoughts in the comments!

Meanwhile, be sure to head over to this link in the event you did want to get some other news when it comes to the reality competition now. (Photo: NBC.)

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