Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Campaign wasteland (day 21, morning)

Big Brother 19Someone start playing “Baba O’Riley” by The Who, and change one of the lyrics to “campaign wasteland.” That’s an accurate depiction of life in the Big Brother 19 house entering day 21.

Last night, we saw Cody effectively confirm that he has zero interest in campaigning to save himself against Alex. That’s probably in part because he knows he has no chance, and he’s automatically assuming that he will have a chance to win his way back into the house. It’s actually smart to assume that much because of Megan’s eviction; he doesn’t know that anyone is in sequester, but in a circumstance like this it makes sense that someone would come back. (Personally, we prefer the returning houseguest twist pre-jury so that there aren’t people coming back close to the end of the game.)

What Cody’s a tad oblivious on is that there is no guarantee it’s a Battle Back all over again. If they’re just putting everyone up on a pirate ship, for example, then you’ve got a situation in which someone small could have a better shot against him. Take, for example, that Jessica goes home next after him — she could beat him in that. The same could be said for Jillian.

Alex can effectively rest easy for this week, since she knows that she’ll be sticking around — as for whether or not she has the right plan for the future, that’s an entirely different story.

Ramses’ dilemma

It’s a hard time to be Ramses in the house, given that everyone in the game seems fine with targeting either him, Jason, or Jessica next — even some people who are supposedly aligned with him. There seems to be some thinking on the part of Alex that the main alliance will divide up and crumble, so it’s better to just cut some dead weight and get to jury. That logic may sound faulty, but there is some history that suggests that it’s possible. If someone’s clearly on the bottom of that bigger group, they could flip with a few others. Also, Paul is absolutely not going to be safe for the entire game, despite how much people seem to just be following his orders at the moment.

We feel for Ramses given that he’s getting blamed for a bunch of stuff like taking $25,000 and also the 8-4 vote; basically, he’s being blamed for everything that Kevin is doing. The thing that we worry about when it comes to him as a player is that he’s not actively doing much to right the ship. We want to see more of a sense of urgency about him; even though he’s on the block thanks to the curse, there are still some ways that he can assemble people since the target is not shifting off of Cody.

Want some other news?

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