This Is Us: What heartbreaking moments will occur this season?

This Is Us season 2

The freshmen drama, This Is Us, took audiences by storm. It’s the show that made fans cry, laugh, and melted our hearts. It’s the one we look forward to every week. So after a knockout season 1, what could possibly happen during season 2?

For starters, when we last saw our favorite family duo, Jack and Rebecca, things were very tense. Jack and Rebecca were arguing over Jack’s relapse while Rebecca expressed her feelings about feeling empty. Meanwhile back in the present, Randall tells Beth he wants to adopt a baby as Kevin says goodbye to Sophie in order to head to Los Angeles for a part in a movie while Kate decides she wants to sing.

So for the upcoming season, will Jack’s death be related to drinking? It’s definitely possible, especially because during the season 1 finale there were a few close calls when Jack was drinking and driving that fans wondered if this would be the moment. While it appears that all roads lead to Jack’s drinking having a part in his death, there’s also the option that this is just to steer us off in the wrong direction. There’s a chance that Jack’s impending death could be a sudden, freak accident. And let’s not forget what Kate said late in the season about Jack’s death being her fault. While we don’t think Kate physically killed her father, she could believe that her actions may have had a part in it.

If one thing is for certain it’s that this show keeps surprising fans, so however Jack died it’s going to catch us off guard.

So will where will Jack and Rebecca be when season 2 picks up? Will they still be separated? They definitely could be. For a couple that appeared to be the picture perfect couple, their fight only brought them to a more realistic level. If the show were to pick up with the duo still strained, then it would different from what the series usually does. It would be more EP and showrunner Dan Fogelman’s style to open about up with the couple months later since their fight and then show flashbacks to what has happened in between.

Now onto to their kids in the present. Kate has made the decision to start her singing career. If fans will remember Toby set up her first show in a nursing home early in the season and Kate was terrified, but went through with it. While it’s great to see her stepping outside her comfort zone, will she pursue this career all the way or stick to local gigs? It would definitely be exciting story to see the girl who is always down on herself work her way up to the big leagues.

As for Kevin, he left Sophie once again for a part in movie, but what will become of their relationship? In season 1 Kevin fought to win back his ex-wife, but with him leaving to go to Los Angeles it seems as though he might have to win her back again. Plus fans know we haven’t seen the last of Sophie since Alexandra Breckenridge was promoted to series regular alongside Jon Huertas (Miguel). It seems as though the series has it’s couple fans will be cheering for.

Finally, Randall announced he wants to adopt a baby. After his father died and realizing he could help a child like him, it will be an interesting dynamic to explore. It would help to bring his story full circle. In addition, it would be interesting to see how this could affect Randall’s anxiety going into season 2.

Long story short, season 2 will make fans cry, laugh, and melt out hearts equally as much as season 1.

For more news related to This Is Usbe sure to visit this link. New season 2 episodes will air September 26, 2017 on NBC. (Photo: NBC.)

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