Game of Thrones season 7: The perfect endgame for Sansa Stark

Sansa Stark

Sansa Stark is one of the strongest characters on Game of Thronesbut it certainly didn’t start out that way. As a matter of fact, in the first season she was more known as one of the resident brats, a young child who knew little more than opulence having a good life. How much things have changed ever since! She’s become power-broker, someone well-versed in politics, and she knows how to effectively play the game. She’s got a good handle on what works and what doesn’t, and she has some interesting connections when it comes to Littlefinger, a key ally that she can call on to do various tasks for her.

If there is one thing that she is lacking, it is the love of the people as her own entity. She’s been shielded from that part of the world, forced to find her way but not without communicating with the people. She was trapped by Joffrey, and then off in hiding, and the eventually trapped by Ramsay Bolton. She’s been through a lot, but never really got to share her voice with the people.

So leading into these two final seasons of Game of Thrones, where does that leave Sansa? More than likely, in a rather precarious position. She will likely serve as some sort of de-facto hand to Jon Snow while he serves as King of the North. He understands how to fight, and she understands more how to negotiate and how to think. Sansa is a woman of thought to Jon’s man of action, and they could work rather well together if they can combine their experiences.

Could Sansa somehow go from this to being on the Iron Throne in the end? It’s possible in a last-woman-standing sort of way, but there are a few different things to consider here with her. For one, we’re not so much speaking here about someone who is a conqueror. She’s not going to take the throne by force. Maybe that changes slightly if she marries, but it seems to us more like she’s going to be a candidate just because she’s smart enough to know how to survive.

The likeliest scenario we see where Sansa ends up surviving the series is where she is married to Littlefinger, and the two of them rule together. While there’s something super-creepy about it given Baelish’s thoughts on Sansa’s mother Catelyn, there is an interesting evolution about how this people started in such separate places from where they ended. They were broken down by the world, and they beat the odds to rule it. They’re also political enough to know that this would be more of a marriage of that capacity — at least Baelish would probably treat her far better than either Joffrey or Ramsay did.

Some other possible endgames for Sansa are that she becomes Queen of the North if Jon takes the Iron Throne, she dies in some sort of siege of Winterfell by the White Walkers (unlikely), or she somehow becomes reunited with her “husband” Tyrion after he returns with Daenerys. We really don’t see Sansa dying just because there’s no real point of it. She doesn’t deserve a terrible beheading, nor would she die a hero’s death on the field.

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