Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Halting Hex temptation talk; day 19 ends quietly (for now)

halting hexFor the first time really all season, tonight was a quiet one in the Big Brother 19 house, which makes sense when you consider where we are at the moment. The Veto Ceremony is on Monday, and all signs point to Paul using it on Josh and nominating Cody as the replacement nominee. Then, Cody goes home* almost unanimously.

The reason we add that asterisk is because all signs point towards there being either a Battle Back Competition, or some other mechanism in which the players get a chance to return to the game for another go-around. Nobody’s out of sequester, and that’s given Cody a lot of fodder to talk about how he’s going to win his way back without even knowing what all of the competitions are. There could be one with a puzzle component — there was last season with Victor — and he’s not thinking about that right now.

As for the other players, though, they may be starting to think a little bit more about this and who they want to nominate in the process. Jason is becoming more of a target because of A) a lack of general understanding about the game and B) an unwillingness to play ball. He’s talked with Cody and Jessica far more than he’s needed to, and there is a consensus that he is just not all that equipped to play this game all that well.

Here’s an example of how out of touch Jason is: Earlier today, Josh was telling him to chill. JOSH. Josh does not even know what chill is judging from his time in the house.

Talking the next temptation

Given that this is a lighter feeds night, let’s take a look at the next major temptation that will enter the game after Cody’s inevitable eviction: The Halting Hex. This one is huge since it alters the course of the entire game if played well. They will be able to halt any of the four evictions that are coming up, and that could save someone who is on the block.

So, who should be the recipient? The two names that we’re hearing the most online are Dominique and Alex, but it’s hard to gauge either one of them given that Dominique has barely been on the CBS show. Alex may have a better shot as an underdog, but her allegiance to Cody hurts her in the end. We wouldn’t be shocked if the casual fans gave it to Kevin because he’s such a huge character and him with this sort of power would be super-entertaining to watch.

Personally, the person who’d be the most fun to see have it is Josh since that dude’s probably going to play it in some ridiculous / terrible fashion.

Who do you want to see get the Halting Hex, and is this one of the weirdest uses of twist alliteration ever? Share below!

Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you do want to see our morning live-feed update. (Photo: CBS.)

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