Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 7 review: What did Ofelia do?

Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 7 reviewTonight, Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 3 began with more of a spotlight on Walker, the man who is responsible for the most-important bloodshed of the season. Because of him, Travis is dead, and Alicia almost was.

So what in the world made Alicia want to be Walker’s temporary prisoner? Well, much of that had to deal with a way to (try and) orchestrate peace. Walker has already made it clear what it is that he wants more than anything: Land. He wants back what he feels was taken from him, and he doesn’t quite care how it happens.

Oh, and there is one other very interesting thing about Walker: He’s got Ofelia. His people were responsible for finding her and bringing her back, and she feels like she owes them something. Meanwhile, Jeremiah Otto was not anywhere near so kind to her. This is why she is where she is on the chessboard, but as a part of the “trade” that sent Alicia over to the other side, she went back and had to spend a little bit of time with the Broke Jaw folks, who weren’t altogether forgiving of her after she left everyone at the end of season 2.

The moment that Madison found out Alicia was over there at the camp, she did effectively what she does best: Finding a plan to bring her back. She appealed in part to Troy’s desire to lead, and his own ego in order to make that happen. She did get Alicia back, and the moment that Jake found out about it, he decided (for the second time in two episodes) to try to take matters into his own hands, as well. He wanted to bring Ofelia back with him, but in the process probably set himself up for a death wish. He thought that he’d come up with some sort of grand compromise, one that involved bringing back some of the water and hoping that this somehow was going to be enough. to make that group happen. Spoiler alert: It didn’t end well. Jake found himself left for (almost) dead.

The end result of everything

Jake seemed surprisingly okay after getting himself back to camp, and with Ofelia also coming back, Madison decided it best to hold her as some sort of a prisoner. She drug her around like a rag doll and wouldn’t let her think of herself.

Effectively, this episode ended with the Broke Jaw people preparing for an inevitable war to come with Walker and his guys. However, what we saw overnight was that something had transpired to make some of the ranch’s security people sick; in turn, a couple of them turned into walkers, which gave the show its biggest zombie threat in a while. The real twist is that it seems like it was Ofelia who was effectively behind the turning at the ranch, and who decided to get ultimate vengeance.

Final verdict

This episode of Fear the Walking Dead was crazy, but we also expected that it would be. Jake nearly got himself scalped, and Madison’s entire plan to bring Madison back didn’t make anything better. The Ofelia twist at the end was enough to create all sorts of drama in the final minutes of the finale, and set the stage perfectly for what was next. Grade: B+.

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