Big Brother 19 episode 6 review: How the whiny have fallen

Big Brother 19 episode 6 reviewThere is something absolutely hilarious about the drama at the heart of Sunday night’s Big Brother 19 episode. Take, for example, all of the whining and complaining that happened with Cody and Jessica, who spent a few minutes during the episode chiding Josh for his “victim noises.”

Here’s the thing with Josh: He’s a good kid. He’s just also a hyperactive emotional puppy dog who often doesn’t think before he acts. He got super-angry at the start of the game because he didn’t know how to handle the experience. He’s since settled in somewhat, but he doesn’t like it when people come for him. We had all of the sympathy in the world for him given how Cody completely emasculated him in the house tonight, and Jessica also repeatedly referred to him as less than a man. Why is that okay, and why would these two think that America would like them for this?

Seeing how much the editors seemed to hate Cody made this entire ordeal a little more entertaining — we say this as someone who is certainly not all that much of a Cody fan ourselves. He’s such so high on himself and so completely disengaged with anything fun with the show. The same goes for Jessica, who refused to even go and see Paul’s HoH room because she apparently thought it was beneath her.

Boo, Hiss. Do whatever else you like here. These two aren’t here to actually enjoy the experience of the game, so to quote Jeff Probst, we got nothin’ for them.

The events to know

Paul won the Candy Crush Head of Household, which was really nothing like the actual game. By the way, we didn’t love this challenge since it wasn’t actually fair. If this happened at the expense of a likable player, we’d all be calling it unfair a million times over.

Meanwhile, Alex and Josh were the nominations — at first, Paul dubiously wanted to put a combination of Matt and Raven on the block, which everyone thankfully talked him out of. We didn’t really think that nominating Josh and Alex was that great, either. Why not just nominate Cody and Jessica and ensure that one of them leaves the game this week? Paul’s a good player, but he does sometimes make things a million times more complicated than he really needs to.


There are a couple of different little editing tricks that we love this season, whether it be the sleigh bells whenever Christmas enters the room to all of the hilarious cutaways to Cody when he was in Paul’s HoH room. This was a good episode even if it was dominated by just a small handful of players — Paul, Josh, Cody, Jessica, and a tiny bit of Christmas. This is a really good season so far, with it being helped dramatically by having such a good cast who is willing to say what’s on their mind at virtually any second. Episode Grade: B+.

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