Power season 4 episode 3 review: The truth is in the tapes

Power season 4 episode 3 reviewWhat kind of man is James St. Patrick? During one of the most heated of conversations on Power season 4 episode 3, this was a key question that was asked.

Ironically, there are some things that Ghost possesses as a person that are enviable: He’s fiercely loyal, very smart, and he is resourceful. He is very good at getting himself out of a fairly wide array of tight binds. It’s too bad that some of the bad things about him, from his criminal history to his inability to know when to quit, often overshadow those.

During tonight’s episode, we saw what Ghost was willing to do in order to ensure that Tommy doesn’t go down for what happened to Greg Knox: He wouldn’t rat him out, even if it meant that he could spare himself a lethal injection. He was willing to put Tasha in danger of going to jail, and cause problems for everyone else close to him, in order to ensure that he comes out on the right side of justice.

What we know is that he’s got some good people working for him. Proctor, with a little bit of help, was able to ensure that the DNA of Greg’s could not cause a problem for Jamie during the trial. Much of that was due to some tapes that were uncovered, and some evidence that Greg and Jamie met in an unsanctioned traffic stop earlier in the day, one that Angela knew about. Joe got the prosecution cornered so that if they didn’t agree to a new deal, they’d lose their entire perception in front of the jury. That’s not something that they were altogether willing to risk.

The court stuff may be among the most fantastic stuff that Power is producing right now. We just wish that there were more ways to directly link Tommy to it because of the connections that are there between him and Ghost.

Darkness for Ghost’s family

Poor Tasha is finding herself under increased investigation for her role in everything. This is causing a strain on her, but then also a pretty massive strain on what’s going on with her children at the same time. Tariq is still playing the long game with Kanan, skipping school and doing whatever he can to avoid his family. Meanwhile, his sister is getting abused and ridiculed at school without that much support around her. It’s one thing for her brother to stop a fight, but it’s another thing altogether to actually have him there for her emotionally. That’s just not happening, and the longer that Ghost’s court crisis is, the worse that it is.

Who is the mole?

While nobody seems to have figured out that it’s Sandoval, we do like that this is a question that the show is frequently asking all across the board. Within the next few weeks, hopefully all of the pieces are going to be put together completely.

Overall take

The more that Power focuses on Ghost’s trial, the better than the show is. From start to finish, there was all sorts of great stuff that happened here. We saw more of Ghost’s heartache, and also how desperate all legal teams are right now in order to see their own brand of justice carried out. Grade: B+.

Where is the show going from here?

We’re going to get some other news, including a preview for what’s coming up, over at the link here. (Photo: Starz.)

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