NCIS: Los Angeles: Check out boathouse, filming locations on special Google map

NCIS: Los Angeles

The NCIS: Los Angeles boathouse interior is seen in almost every episode of the CBS drama. Offering a hideout location where criminals and suspects are typically taken to be questioned, this is an alternate spot so the real office stays hidden. It’s also a location that viewers would love to see if they ever came to Los Angeles. Perhaps that’s why the special Google map with all the NCIS: Los Angeles locations is so popular.

Put together by a super fan, the NCIS Los Angeles map gives screenshots, locations and ideas of where to go if anyone who loves the CBS drama is coming to Los Angeles to visit. Quite articulate and very precise, the map pinpoints filming spots from different episodes for other viewers to appreciate. Anyone who has seen the show just once will find the map another reason to watch the show as the locations are pretty enticing.

So why would you consider looking at a map detailing where NCIS: Los Angeles has been? Well, this is a perfect way to tour LA and see parts of the city on the show (without the tour bus) Referencing locations where you can stop by and take a peek without bothering anyone on the crew (as they’ve already moved on) it would be a fun excursion for anyone.

Don’t forget, there is the selfie and reenactment value too. Guests, visitors and fans could really have a ball on the streets of Los Angeles reliving TV moment. Who wouldn’t want to stop by a location and take a picture with you in the same place see on TV? It’s fun and with those unique spots once seen on television pointed out, you have all you can do not to rush over check them out in real life.

Come check out the NCIS: Los Angeles stomping ground

Even if you aren’t coming to Los Angeles, it’s still cool to find out the locations where the show primarily shoots. It appears, just by looking at the map, NCIS: Los Angeles loves to shoot scenes downtown and around Venice Beach a lot. Obviously those two areas have some of Los Angeles best views around, including tall buildings, palm trees and amazing ocean views. Add the awesome stories the show comes up with week after week and it’s definitely one of the best dramas on TV. Bet you already knew that, didn’t you? It’s always fun to picture yourself in some of these places. (Photo: CBS.)

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