Abby Scuito’s NCIS Caf-Pow Cup: Best caffeinated drink cup on the planet

Caf-PowFans of NCIS know the best way to get Abby Scuito’s scientific mind going is by bringing her a Caf-Pow Cup of caffeinated delight. Watching the NCIS team, the fans have watched over the seasons as an agent goes to the lab with a Caf-Pow cup in one hand while asking questions. There have been far more crimes solved in Abby’s lab, thanks to the wonders of the contents of the Caf-Pow cup and fans couldn’t be happier.

This unique element is one of the coolest aspects of NCIS. While most people wouldn’t assume scientists would want such a big (and delicious drink) it works great in the show. Especially when people are looking for answers. The idea of this drink being in a very clean lab is probably more realistic to the Abby’s character. Few fans could actually imagine her drinking coffee.

The Caf-Pow cups have become a great part of the pop culture. It’s one of those amazing things surrounding the NCIS show. Typically, it’s Agent Gibbs, who shows up with the big cup. Sometimes the other agents show up as well. Even TV viewers who don’t watch week after week know the significance of the Caf-Pow cup and that’s remarkable!

Over the years, the NCIS fans have come to understand that the cup isn’t always full. It’s made to look like there are highly caffeinated drinks when the series is being filmed. At first, the assumption of what might be in the cup was it had to be soda. That’s not true. In interviews from the cast, the viewers have found out that the liquid in the cup is most likely a juice. Liquid that is dark in color could be made to look like soda.

Abby Scuito’s NCIS Caf-Pow Cup can be part of your home

Caf-Pow cups aren’t limited to the NCIS set. The fans who find this inspiring cup a great idea can purchase a cup online to use at their personal lab. Unless they don’t have a lab. Then they probably prefer to take a sip at your home or office.

NCIS, and the Caf-Pow cups, will be coming back to CBS with new episodes this fall. Be sure to check out some further coverage over at the link here. (Photo: CBS.)

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