Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Cody’s delusions; weird weekend (day 19, morning)

Cody's delusionsCody’s delusions are running rampant on day 19 in the Big Brother 19 house, but in general, this is a weekend full of weirdness.

Want some quality examples? Well, consider the notion first and foremost of Mark wanting to get Elena out of the house at around the jury phase of the game just because he’s so attracted to her that he doesn’t know what he’s going to do with himself. (That’s what he suggested to Dominique this morning.) In general, it’s rather weird this season that there are some male / female alliances that are closer and more vulnerable in some ways than showmances. Take Mark and Dominique as one example of that, or Cody telling Alex this morning that he’s rooting for her to win. He is close to Jessica, but he actually shows just as much care (if not more at times) to Alex, despite putting her on the block. A big part of that may be her competitive prowess, since that is something Cody seems to respect.

Ironically, Alex doesn’t feel the same way at all when it comes to Cody’s loyalty, and thinks that he’s trying to get a much of women evicted so he can win his way back if the Battle Back Competition returns to the game this summer.

Just in case you want some other Cody delusions, he thinks that very few men have ever felt threatened by female comp beasts (hello, Janelle?), he’s convinced that he and Alex are entertaining, and that Caleb was somehow more enjoyable than Derrick and Cody. (Okay, that may not be a delusion because it’s his opinion; Caleb was to be fair more ridiculous than the two guys, but at least the Hitmen had a game plan.)

Other weirdness

The fact that not everyone has figured out the truth about Kevin flipping and voting to evict Jillian is one of the strangest things about this weekend. We’ve been fairly kind this weekend to Alex, but her conversation with Jason about this was all sorts of spacey. (Jason seems to think that the other side of the house is trying to trip him up, and it could’ve been Ramses who flipped his vote.)

The funny thing is that this week should be really easy since Cody is almost certainly going home. It’s the people who are making it more complicated with an endless stream of paranoia for almost no real reason other than trying to figure out what happens next in the game. As of right now Ramses seems like he’s the next logical target, but who is going to be the Head of Household who puts him in the crosshairs? He hasn’t won a single competition, few people actually trust him, and there could be this perception that he’s someone who can just be taken out down the road.

Further updates

Our evening update from the feeds will be online later over at the link here. That’s also where you can check out our review for tonight’s episode and also our exclusive interview with executive producer Allison Grodner. (Photo: CBS.)

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