Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Veto winner / aftermath (day 18, evening)

Veto winnerThe second Big Brother 19 Power of Veto Competition is going on today, and it’s absolutely one with big implications. If Paul has his way, everything will go according to plan and Cody will be successfully put on the block and the backdoor plan will be in full motion.

Are there ways for this to go off the rails? Sure, and they involve Ramses winning the Veto, using it on himself, and then Paul not getting to name a replacement nominee. Ramses struggled to the other players leading into this as to whether or not he was going to be willing to throw the competition since his life was on the line this week.

We awaited the results of the competition today feeling torn for many different reasons, with the biggest one being that Cody is a toolbox and he makes it impossible to want to root for him, even as an underdog. Yet, this week is also predictable that the part of us that wants drama wants to see something go off the rails. (Then, common sense kicks in given that we don’t want to see either Alex or Josh leave the game this early, given that they’re both so messy to watch.)

The Veto was a long one by Big Brother US standards, with it taking more than four hours. (Hey, compared to some of the feed downtimes in Canada, that’s not so bad.)

So … who won?

For the second straight competition, it was Paul! This one was complicated, and apparently had a lot of moving parts to it. Ultimately, though, what matters is that he can choose how he wants the rest of the week to go. at the moment, the plan seems to be to remove Josh, put Cody up there, and then ensure that he goes home … which really shouldn’t be that hard.

The only thing that could get in the way is all of the crazy paranoia that is out there towards Ramses. Apparently, he didn’t throw the competition well enough to Paul’s liking, which in turn makes him want most of the house to give him the cold shoulder. Once again Paul, why? We’re calling it now: Ramses will be the end of Paul this season at some point. It’s true that he’s a dangerous player, but Paul’s putting way too much attention on the kid for doing what any reasonable person would do.

Further news

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