Longmire season 6 spoilers: First official Robert Taylor photo!

Robert Taylor photoAs we get closer to the Longmire season 6 premiere on Netflix, isn’t a new official Robert Taylor photo to be celebrated?

Right in the middle of the Longmire Days celebration, Netflix has released (through the wonderful Longmire Posse Twitter account) a first look at Taylor’s Walt Longmire from the season. To call this photo both beautiful and chaotic feels about right. It’s so easy to get mesmerized by the striking action shot of Taylor and the contrast in the sky. It feels almost like he’s a magnificent cowboy on another planet … and then you realize that there are a bunch of bodies at his feet. Are these people dead? Wounded? Are they just really sleepy? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Above all else, the one thing that we’re certainly grateful to see is Walt still out there with his holster, given that season 5 did not end with him in a good place. His future as the Sheriff was put into grave danger thanks to politics and a wrongful-death lawsuit, and everything from his home to his way of life was being threatened. Times are changing both in Wyoming and everywhere else, and there may be a certain part of Walt that probably realizes this. We don’t think that he’s completely resistant to change, but he also has a certain way of life that he enjoys and appreciates. This is, for him, a story mostly about finding and preserving some great element of balance.

New episodes of Longmire, alas, are still a couple of months away. While a September premiere date is possible, we’re also not ruling out early October based on the season 5 DVD release and the filming timeline this year. Remember that because the show releases all of their episodes at once, everything in the edit bay have to be completely for the entirety of the show. That makes this a little bit different than your standard drama series.

Is the end really the end?

For the time being, sure, but we don’t get the sense that anyone involved in the show is writing off the possibility of a movie down the road. Let’s check out the remainder of the show and see how that ends; after that, maybe that’s something we’ll discuss even more at the site.

What do you think about this first Longmire season 6 photo, and what are your expectations for the overall season? Share in the comments below!

Meanwhile, be sure to head over to the link here in the event you do want some further news right now in regards to the series and its future. (Photo: Netflix.)

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