The X-Files season 11 won’t have a Comic-Con panel, but franchise will

X-FilesHere’s a little bit of good news and bad news when it comes to The X-Files and San Diego Comic-Con. Let’s start with the bad: There is no official panel promoting the upcoming eleventh season of the show. Given that this is not premiering until January, that isn’t a huge shock. There’s a lot of production that needs to be done before then, and there may not be all that much to share about the story at the time of the convention. (With that said, we do hope that there is something when it comes to Mulder and Scully’s child revealed soon.)

The good news is that there will be one event at the convention tied to the show, and it will feature an appearance from series star David Duchovny. David will be making an appearance on Saturday, July 22 at 6:45 p.m. in Room 6A for a discussion with Dirk Maggs all about The X-Files: Cold Cases, an original drama for Audible that gives you an even further sense of the entire universe. Here’s what the official site for the show has to say about the discussion:

“Liquefying aliens. Hissing creatures. Humming spacecraft. This is the otherworldly soundscape of The X-Files: Cold Cases -an Audible original drama that reunites David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, and a cast of familiar voices from the iconic series. Duchovny and Cold Cases producer Dirk Maggs talk about revisiting the rich, sonic tapestry of the X-Files universe, what it means to tell more of Mulder and Scully’s story, and how fans can join the duo’s investigations and experience them like never before by putting on a pair of headphones. Fans may even find out what’s canon and what’s not.”

This should be exciting to you just because we’re moving back to an era where listening is becoming more and more important for entertainment. Podcasts have taken a pretty prominent place in pop culture these days, and audio-books have also become more accessible now that there are such a wide array of different ways in which people can listen to them. Admittedly, we are also very much the poster child for all things audio given that we walk everywhere and are constantly listening to something in one form or another.

The X-Files will start filming later this summer in Vancouver leading up to the premiere; hopefully, there will be some more news to discuss when it comes to the show soon over at the link here. (Photo: Fox.)

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