Dark Matter season 3 episode 6 review: Is Six dead; are Adrian, Solara leaving?

Dark Matter season 3 episode 6 reviewGoing into Dark Matter season 3 episode 6, one of the things that was teased was that we were going to see some “faces from the past” come back into place.

Before we got into that, though, we were busy seeing just how dangerous it was to live in the Emperor’s kingdom. If you are a dissenting voice, terrible things happen to you. (Metaphors, anyone?)

Let’s get back over to the Raza crew, who found themselves in the midst of a mission in order to A) get themselves to safety and B) round up some other dissenting voices. In the aftermath of the assassination attempt, they may smartly realize that Ryo is vulnerable. (Ryo certainly doesn’t want to seem vulnerable, given that he is for the time being engaged in a rather feverish round of chest-puffing.)

After forging a plan, Two and the team decided to contact the Mikke Combine in the midst of their back-and-forth with Ferrous Corp. What we saw here can be defined in one word: Smart. They wanted to get away from the Emperor, while Mikke wanted an advantage when it comes to hauling cargo. All of a sudden, mutual benefit! They had a stolen ship and were in all sorts of danger, but in this world, sometimes compromise is best.

It was the aftermath of everything that happened from the formation of this plan, with the arrival of some old faces from the past, that should take you by surprise.

Here’s the first problem

Ryo wasn’t all that pleased with Two and the team for stealing his ship. He contacted them about it to give him a stern finger-wagging, which she hilarious cut him off from halfway through. BADASS TWO. Ryo certainly needed a hug after that. He was angry, and he wanted retribution.

Here’s the second problem

Well, basically there’s some character assassination going down, and the Raza crew is not going to stand for this sort of thing! Who do you blame for this? Well, the likes of Portia, Marcus, and company weren’t making it easy on the team — and they also wanted the blink drive. (For the record, we’re calling the alternate-universe people by these names to avoid confusion.) Melissa O’Neil and a few other people got to do some great stuff this week when it comes to playing multiple characters, which is probably one of the many fun things that comes with being a part of Dark Matter — you’re always being pushed in some shape or form.

Oh, but this did bring us to our BADASS ANDROID MOMENT OF THE WEEK when she stopped Portia in her tracks. It’s too bad Marcus stopped her in her tracks later on.

Here’s the solution

Five is the solution! She stopped Portia and Marcus, and eventually we saw negotiations between one Android and the other in order to ensure that all characters were safe and back on their ships. This meant that they were able to complete their mission for the combine, taking a little bit of a payment in the process.

And the surprise…

Adrian and Solara, after spending the past couple of episodes struggling with bad negotiations in the forest, found themselves with an opportunity to get off the ship. Adrian very much thought that ship life wasn’t for him. He did get a parting kiss from Five, so he has that going for him.

Another surprise was Portia, clearly unhappy with her defeat, trying to bond together with more of Two’s enemies for revenge. What we’re getting at here is pretty clear: This isn’t over yet.

Here’s your vulnerable moment for the episode: Three went to spend some time with Sarah in her virtual consciousness. She built a whole world for the two of them, and wanted him to feel like he was somewhere special when he was there. THE FEELS.

Now, cliffhanger time! The Raza team is traveling to see Six to dump off supplies, but there’s one problem: There are bodies all over the place where he’s stationed himself. Is he dead? That’s a hell of a tease…


The alternate-universe characters coming in did make matters a little more confusing, but it was also fun to see them come in, be taken out, and then allow the Raza crew to continue to go about some of their business. The thing about Dark Matter is that the show is using its imagination, while making some sense in the end, we’re probably going to be happy. Grade: B+.

Where do we go from here?

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