Dark Matter season 3 episode 7 spoilers: A different side of Six

Dark Matter season 3 episode 7Based on some of what we know so far about Dark Matter season 3 episode 7, it looks like this could be an emotional episode … and we’re totally fine with that. While we do love the installments that tend to be a little more experimental or funny, this is a show about the individual members of the Raza team and what they do in order to survive. It’s a show that celebrates adventure, and takes big risks and doesn’t hold back when doing so.

Let’s go back now to the evidence as to why this could be emotional, and much of it starts with that title of “Wish I Could Believe You.” That suggests doubt and mistrust, and that’s the last thing that you want when talking about people aboard a ship. They depend on each other, largely because there is nobody else that they can depend on and there is a constant sense of danger awaiting them around almost every turn.

Beyond that, we also know that if they feel betrayed by someone, they then probably have to spend some sort of crazy amount of time with them still aboard the Raza. It’s not like it’s all that easy to hop on and off.

Below, you can see a little bit more in the way of information as to what is coming up.

Dark Matter season 3 episode 7 synopsis – “An injured crew member is haunted by the life they left behind unaware of the dangers lurking in the present.”

Warning: Spoilers from tonight’s episode ahead

As it turns out, the person potentially betraying the team is Six, who finds his way back onto the ship next week after her is rescued by the other members of the team. He was doing his best to try and help and protect the colony, but unfortunately, that didn’t prove to be all that easy to do.

The unfortunate twist for the team is that Six isn’t thinking clearly, and while he is still alive, he’s definitely not himself. Whatever he’s become, he is a danger to the team around him and the crises for the team are two-fold: They have to stop him, but at the same time not kill him if they want him to be a further asset moving forward. That’s not the easiest thing in the world to do, but we’ve certainly come to know that the crew is resourceful!

More than anything, we’re just glad to see Six back on the show, and that the writers weren’t just leaving the poor guy out in the ether somewhere.

What do you want to see on Dark Matter season 3 episode 7? Feel free to share some of your early thoughts and predictions in the comments!

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