American Horror Story season 7 – Vera Farmiga casting rumors untrue

Vera FarmigaSure, it’s great to think about Vera Farmiga appearing on American Horror Story season 7, but that doesn’t mean it’s happening.

There have been a ton of rumors as of late regarding the Bates Motel alum coming over to the Ryan Murphy anthology series, but alas, Entertainment Weekly reports that the dream casting isn’t happening for this season. There’s always a chance down the road, right? She’s certainly well-versed in the horror genre (we’re excited to see her next project), and there is a family history here, given that Taissa Farmiga has appeared on multiple seasons of the show over years in one form or another.

What we know about American Horror Story season 7 right now is fairly simple: It’s filming right now, and it’s got an eclectic cast including Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Billie Lourd, Billy Eichner, and more. There are many other mystery cast members who haven’t been revealed yet, and the entire story has some sort of connection to the 2016 Presidential Election. As for what that means, that’s what is fairly hush-hush at the moment. It won’t be as straightforward as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton appearing on the show as characters, so it’s possible this is about the aftermath to Trump’s election or the “horror story” that is the country becoming so angry and divisive on all sides. (Granted, if that is the case this is more of a metaphorical “Horror Story,” similar to how the upcoming American Crime Story season about Katrina is also metaphorical in nature.)

This new season is going to premiere most likely in September or October. Murphy has said that the show won’t be as secretive as Roanoke was last year, so we figure that later this summer at the TCA Summer Press Tour more will be revealed as to what’s coming up with it.

Bates Motel wrapped up its run earlier this year, with Varmiga having a heck of a final season playing a very different version of Norma Bates a.k.a. Mother. If you haven’t seen it, go do so — we don’t want to spoil everything for you here.

Other rumors

The biggest one that has come out as of late is the one where Lady Gaga is going to appear — alas, that’s not happening, either. This marks the first time since the fourth season of the show where she hasn’t made an appearance. This doesn’t exactly shock us, given that she’s preparing for a major concert tour at the moment.

Above all else, American Horror Story just needs to remember that there’s no point in getting things so darn complicated. Simplify the cast, and make sure that people are watching a story that makes sense and doesn’t veer off in too many directions. The seasons that achieve this are the best ones.

Now, your thoughts

What do you think: Should Vera Farmiga appear on American Horror Story someday? What role would you want to see from her? Share in the comments! (Photo: FX.)

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