Zoo season 3 episode 2 review: Where pregnancies CAN happen

Zoo season 3 episode 2 reviewTonight on Zoo season 3 episode 2, we learned many things, but perhaps the most important one is that not everyone within this new world is as sterile as once thought.

Weren’t you getting “the chosen one” vibes already from Clementine from her very arrival? She showed up with that whole understanding of where Mitch Morgan was, so of course it made sense that she would turn out to be somehow pregnant. We could ask the questions why and how, but the real truth here is “who cares”? What matters is that the show’s entertaining and it delivered another major surprise with this reveal … though it was far from the only reveal of the episode, given that there was also the whole Clementine 1 vs. Clementine 2 going around. It just so turns out that the one with Mitch in Siberia wasn’t the real one, an instead, the real one was actually the one that had traveled there in Jamie’s plane. There was also the issue of Mitch shooting her, but given that she’s okay in the end there’s nothing to necessarily worry about there.

The pregnancy, meanwhile, is a different story given that in between her and Abe, we may have some of the real clues to the resolution of the show’s central struggle — with stopping the hybrids included in there somewhere.

Speaking of hybrids and Abe, the other big cliffhanger tonight was paying witness to the character somehow actually getting his son kidnapped following a testy situation where his hybrid embryo, the one that he was growing and the one that he felt was going to give him the answers that he so sought on the infertility. This storyline came to a rather quick peak when his said embryo managed to attract OTHER hybrids, which created a thoroughly entertaining sequence of events where Abe protected his family only for it to not matter. Reiden Global, a.k.a. the show’s resident evil organization right now, seems to be in full-on blackmail mode where they will give the kid back, but only for a certain price that appears to be him doing everything that they want him to. He’s got a decision to make there moving into the next episode.

Meet Dylan Green

Jackson has been spending his days out in the western United States going by an alter ego, it turns out, largely because he understandably doesn’t want to be known by his own name. He knows that this is bad news, so why not try to hide being Jackson Oz who everyone blames for … well, everything? It’s a tough life for Jackson but hey, if you were a pariah, wouldn’t you try to go into hiding, as well?

The one thing that Jackson does have going for him is that nobody has figured out who he is just yet — not even Tessa, who Logan told him he should tell the truth to at some point. Otherwise, he runs the risk of losing one of the closest people to him because eventually, that is going to come out. It has to.

Through the investigation into the bombings (Logan’s primary goal at this point, and one of the reasons why he met up with Jackson in the first place), a little bit of DNA brought us the third shocker of the night — the name Abigail Westbrook, who may just happen to be … Jackson’s sister? Sure looks that way!


Another very good episode of Zoo that reminds us, once more, that this show is great at digging itself a hole that it cannot possibly find a way to climb out of, and then being able to do it anyway. It’s exceptional at making you suspend belief and just embrace its craziness — it’s fun. That’s the best way to simplify it. It’s a super-fun show and there are few others out there like it. Grade: B+.

What’s next?

If you missed it, you can head over to the link here in the event you do want to get some additional news! That includes a preview for what will be coming up on Zoo moving into the future. (Photo: CBS.)

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