The Last Ship season 4 spoilers: First look at Jackson Rathbone

Jackson RathboneWhen The Last Ship season 4 premieres on TNT a little bit later this summer, Jackson Rathbone is going to be one of the key players. With that, why not share a first-look photo of him right now?

If you look below, you can get (via TVLine) a first look at the character Rathbone is playing on the upcoming season. He is a wealthy, powerful Greek-American man named Giorgio, someone who could end up becoming an adversary to Eric Dane’s character of Tom Chandler moving forward. He is a powerful Greek-American man who has a thing for playing the field, and is also far more dangerous than he first seems on the surface. He’s known for his wealth, and it is such that he is able to use the Mediterranean as his own personal “playground” to do whatever he wants.

In general, be prepared to see this part of the world be a central setting for the new season, as the Nathan James crew will spend some time there — and so will Chandler. At the end of season 3, Dane’s character made a bold decision that he wasn’t fit to be in a leadership role anymore, and he’s going to attempt to get away from it all by living a normal, quiet life in Greece. Well, here’s the big problem with that: He’s Tom Chandler! He’s one of those guys who simply isn’t meant to live a normal life, even if he wants one. There are just too many people relying on him, and he has that tinge of leadership that cannot be ignored — even if he wants for it to so that he can live out the rest of his days in a small fishing village without the pressure of anyone around him.

Eventually, we imagine that Chandler will get back with his former team, and they may need him not only to take down Giorgio. There’s also a far more substantial problem here in the form of the dangerous red flu virus destroying the food supply of the earth. With this show, there’s always some crisis threatening to destroy the world, and this time around, it’s coming via the food supply. He’s gotta figure out a way to lend a helping hand to the crisis; otherwise, there may not be anyone to lend a helping hand to.

When is The Last Ship returning?

Think later this summer to TNT — you can read more about that over at the link here. While the later premiere date is a bit of a bummer this year, the good news is that we don’t have to deal with the show airing against Game of Thrones for the majority of its run. Season 5 is currently filming, and it will premiere at some point in 2018.

Now, let’s turn this over to you

What do you think that the story of The Last Ship season 4 should be, and are you excited to see Rathbone in this role? Be sure to sound off now in the comments! (Photo: TNT.)

Jackson Rathbone

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