Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Josh’s eviction vote; OTT season 2 talk (day 16, morning)

OTT season 2There’s a lot of different stuff to get into in our Big Brother 19 live feed update for this morning, so let’s dive in with Josh. During the two-night premiere, this was the pariah of the house, someone who people couldn’t wait to get rid of. Now, he’s the most important person in the entire game.

Based on all of the talks that happened late into last night, it seems as though it’s a 6-5 vote right now to send Jillian home. If Josh votes with the Matt / Mark / Raven / Paul / Dominique / Elena contingent, Jillian leaves the game. If he votes with Jessica / Kevin / Jason / Ramses / Alex, Christmas leaves instead. We thought that the relationship Josh and Christmas had built over time would prove useful to him wanting to keep her, but last night Jason put in a lot of work trying to convince him further to get rid of Christmas and to stick with him. With that, the two guys could ride the middle and let Cody / Jessica target some of their former allies while the likes of Mark, Matt, Paul, and Dominique all go after Cody and Jessica.

Christmas is aware that she needs to speak with Josh today, and she better get on that — we’re more worried for her future in the house than we were at this point yesterday. Ironically, we don’t really credit Jillian all that much with anything. It’s more Alex and Jason who have been two of the more useful people in solidifying some of those numbers.

Entertainment-wise, Christmas is a far more compelling player than Jillian. She’s got way more stories for the live feeds, and hasn’t complained as much about being constantly on the block.

Ratings update

Last night’s new episode generated a 1.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic, which is the best overall performance of the show this season. Consider this another reminder that Big Brother is one of those shows that doesn’t really lose viewers as a season goes along; it can even gain them if it manages to really get people hooked on what’s happening.

Julie Chen on an OTT season 2

Remember Big Brother: Over the Top? It was the fall version of the show that was pretty entertaining at times, especially if you were able to avoid some of the negativity online.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in a new interview, host Julie Chen confirmed that there were discussions about bringing OTT back in some form

“It’s being talked about, but nothing is confirmed yet. We [have to] figure out how not to hurt the mother ship and get it done even better than last time. Last time was really good content wise, but we could have done a better job making it easier for people to find it. I’m not that savvy for my age group, but I know younger people are savvy and were like, “It wasn’t that easy to find.” That’s how I felt, now I don’t feel like such a dope. We have to make the systems work a little bit better.”

We didn’t have any problem finding the show, but our problem was that there wasn’t all that much of a show around it. If there was more than effectively one show a week produced, and a cast that was less vitriolic and divisive, maybe the format would work better.

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