Is the Riverdale season 2 episode count expanding?

Riverdale season 2 episode countThere are many things to be excited about when it comes to Riverdale season 2, but the greatest one may just be the show’s episode count.

While there is nothing 100% confirmed as of yet, there are multiple signs, including the show’s production schedule and quotes from the actors, that seem to suggest that the second batch of episodes on The CW will be far more substantial than what we had during season 1. For anyone who felt like there should have been more of Archie and the remainder of the gang last time, that is certainly great news. More than likely, we’re looking at an episode order of 22 or maybe even 23 episodes.

Could this change? Certainly, given that networks have cut episode orders in the past. Nonetheless, The CW has shown a tremendous amount of faith in Riverdale, a series that only averaged a so-so 0.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic for season. It does have some other things going for it that may play a role in given both the expanded order and the prime network real-estate of Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. Eastern. For one, the show is well-received; meanwhile, there is tremendous name recognition with some of the characters from the Archie Comics. Finally, you’re looking at a show that is similar to Gossip Girl and many of the other teen soaps that the network has loved to air over the years. They establish more of a sense of variety on the network, and that may be something that they are looking for. While they do clearly love their extended superhero universe, we also get the sense that they are more than happy to show that there is more to their network than just that.

The Riverdale premiere is coming this October, and production has been underway for a couple of weeks now by and large. This show started earlier than most of the other ones on the network, and with that, it’s probably also going to end a little bit earlier.

So what will the story be?

Odds are that you’ve heard a little bit about the second season already, starting with you will get the arrival of Veronica’s father on the scene and see what he brings to the town and to her life. Beyond that, expect a much larger role from Reggie, Archie’s rival, and also more of Archie’s mother given that Molly Ringwald is returning for at least one episode.

As for Jughead, let’s just hope that someone is going to help usher him down a better path. This is a character clearly suffering and trying to find a way, and he needs a little bit of proper guidance in order to figure that out completely. It’s too bad that there aren’t too many sources around him to provide it.

If you want to see some more Riverdale news…

The major suggestion that we can offer you at the moment is to head over to the link here. Meanwhile, be sure to share what you expect to see, and what you think about the episode order, in the comments! (Photo: The CW.)

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