Blue Bloods season 8 premiere title; how to catch up!

Blue Bloods season 8

The Blue Bloods season 8 premiere title has now hit the web, and it’s fair to say there are further reasons to be excited!

In a new post on Twitter, actress Bridget Moynahan (Erin Reagan) made it clear that the name for the first episode this fall is “Cutting Losses.” As for what that means, it’s certainly possible that it means Danny trying to move forward following what happened in the finale where his house was burned down. That was obviously a difficult thing for him to deal with, and it probably still leaves some mental scars on him. It has to be difficult to move forward from that; it would be for anyone who experiences that level of hardship. Maybe he decides that there are some things more important than obsessing over what happened, and he’ll try to move forward.

Could this also be a reference to Frank? It’s worthy of some consideration, mostly in that he may run into a problem as Commissioner that he cannot win no matter how hard he tries. With that, he could cut his losses, not waste resources, and try to move forward to the next one. The reason that this title is so interesting to us is because cutting losses is not something that we in general see very often for Blue Bloods or some of the characters on the show. They are more often the sort who will stop at nothing to ensure that their missions are example.

Is it possible that we’re also over-thinking this title in every measure known to mankind. Absolutely, and we’ll gladly own up to that.

Are you behind on Blue Bloods and want to catch up?

If so, rest assured that there are still an array of ways in which you can get prepared for what lies ahead, with one of the biggest ones being Netflix. After all, new episodes of the CBS series are on the streaming service and also CBS All Access, and you can check those out pretty much immediately if you are a subscriber. These season 7 episodes will also be hitting syndication before too long, but that’s a little bit more challenging because you have to keep track of the right episodes / set your DVR / watch live, depending on your preference.

In general, the great thing about Blue Bloods is that it’s pretty timeless — even if you are behind on a few episodes, you can watch a new installment and now feel all that confused. The show does a mighty fine job of making sure everyone’s in the loop more often than not thanks to its procedural nature and characters who are pretty easy to follow.

(Photo: CBS.)

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