Supergirl season 3: Why there should be some Cyborg Superman changes…

Cyborg SupermanIf Cyborg Superman ends up coming onto Supergirl season 3, there is one thing we do know: The show should try to do more with him. After all, David Harewood is not a fan of the character the way that he’s been established now, despite that this was originally who his character of Hank Henshaw could have become. (During season 1, his mythology was changed and that “Hank Henshaw” from the pilot eventually became J’onn J’onnz. The real Hank surfaced in season 2 as Cyborg Superman, working for Project Cadmus.)

While speaking per Supanova, Harewood made it clear exactly what he disliked about playing this character as opposed to the hero he plays on a regular basis:

“I don’t like playing Cyborg Superman. It’s boring. They didn’t really flesh it out, they didn’t really write for the character. They just gave me this rather cheap-looking mask and no costume, and said ‘Okay, you’re Cyborg Superman.’ But it didn’t really pan out – they didn’t really go into why he was a cyborg, how he became a cyborg, what his powers were … it was just kind of randomly calling him ‘Cyborg Superman.’”

It’s hard to argue against anything that Harewood says here, given that this was a character that didn’t bring much to the table other than be someone Supergirl and J’onn could fight that made the showdowns with Cadmus a little more interesting. Otherwise, this entire arc was a little dull beyond the fact that Lillian Luthor was involved in it and there were therefore complications aplenty with her and Lena. The show wasn’t interested in fleshing that out further.

A larger problem

Supergirl has done a rather tremendous job from the beginning of introducing hopeful, fun characters; however, they have struggled repeatedly when it comes to cultivating great villains to go opposite these heroes. The best two that they’ve had were probably Astra and Rhea, and they are a little too similar when you think about it — relatives of other characters who have powers similar to people who are already on the show. There needs to be someone a little bit different, which is where Reign (Odette Annable) seems to come in during season 3. It seems for now as though she will be the singular Big Bad, so here’s to hoping that the writers do something similar to her that they did on Arrow with Prometheus. In between the writing and Josh Segarra’s performance, we do think that this is the benchmark for every other villain within the DC universe on The CW. Here’s to hoping that the show can deliver.

When will Supergirl return?

Think October! The great news for longtime fans is that filming will start tomorrow! That means that we could have all sorts of great news coming out in the days / weeks to come. Allow the link here to be your resource.

As for what we know about season 3 so far, Katie McGrath (Lena Luthor) will be a series regular, while Floriana Lima (Maggie) will only recur. The status of Chris Wood (Mon-El) remains to be seen. (Photo: The CW.)

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