Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Your Christmas Abbott injury update

Christmas Abbott injuryIf you’ve been worried about the Christmas Abbott injury from earlier this week on Big Brother 19we do come now bearing an update.

This afternoon, Christmas returned from the MRI that she had previously-scheduled, and the results are in that she has broken her foot. The incident happened when she was goofing around with Jason, who ironically has been counted by people like Cody and Jessica as one of the people who could eventually evict her from the game.

The good news is that Christmas’ injury isn’t going to force her out of the season, and she plans on sticking around and competing for as long as the other players this season will have her. The only bit of bad news there is that this is still going to be an obvious hindrance for her in some physical challenges … and maybe some people will look at this as a sympathy vote in the end. (For Christmas, it could actually be a good thing for her physical game to be limited, since this could force her to think for a moment about some other facets of her game and how to improve those.)

Given that this is Big Brother, though, you knew that there would be some other drama that came along with Christmas’ return to the house…

Enter Cody and Jessica

Yet again, the two remind everyone that they are HORRIBLE at Big Brother, yet alone showing tact for basic human condition. When someone returns to the house after an injury check-up, you say hello and see how they are doing. It shows that you care on a human level; however, neither one of them did that, which is going to make everyone hate them so much more than they did previously and we’re not sure that either one of them understand that. This is why they won’t be able to evict her — there were arguments that could’ve been made, but they relied more on their arrogance and less on the deft touch that it takes to play this game.

Not to make this all about us, but let’s use a good Beauty and the Geek season 5 analogy here. After breaking a clavicle and returning to the house, every single person remaining at that point came out and asked about it. It didn’t matter if they were allies or rivals. That was the right thing to do in that moment, and it was something worth taking into account the rest of the season. It’s one thing to not like someone in the game; showing that you don’t like someone as a person really puts a huge target on your back. Maybe Cody and Jessica will come down later and ask how Christmas is doing, but by that point, it won’t even matter.

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