Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Ramses and fake skywriting (day 15, morning)

skywritingWhile the houseguests are still mostly asleep in the Big Brother 19 house this morning (day 15), there is still quite a bit in the way of highlights to get to from last night.

Take, for example, Ramses supposedly seeing skywriting, which became a story about there being a Mark / Dominique alliance. From what we gather, there was actually skywriting in the Los Angeles area last night, but it was for Turkish Airlines and had nothing to do with the show. He and Elena have had some talks about Mark and Dominique, and regardless of what he saw, he has to think that being complicit in anything like this is a bad move this early in the game.

As of right now, the perception of Ramses among many in the house is of a rat / snake, and someone not to be trusted. With that said, is that SO bad a thing? We’re not quite sure, given that Nicole was called a snake from the very beginning of last season (just ask Jozea), and she ended up winning. Also, people didn’t necessarily have the nicest things to stay about Steve Moses early on during season 17, and he still found a way to make it work. Ian was in a similar position in season 14 — while he wasn’t labeled a snake by any means, he was someone treated like an awkward outsider but somehow found his way to the end. Ramses can escape being in a troublesome spot, and probably will because of Cody and Jessica putting themselves so far in front as targets. While they’ve tried hard to recruit votes from Jason and Josh, a lot of that is too little, too late. They don’t have the social equity built with these people to get them on their side, and there is only so much that they can say to win them over.

One thing that you should look at further in the future is something crazy to go down with Elena and Dominique — Elena seems to have it out for Dominique on some level, and it may be the close bond that Mark has with her.

How’s Paul doing?

This is a good time to check back into Mr. Friendship, who has been one of the people pushing really hard to get Christmas (who has an MRI today) to stay in the game. For now, he has the votes, and he also has many different people like Mark and Kevin who feel like they can trust him.

However, Paul has played really hard this week, probably harder than he really needed to. For one, Alex seems to be after him now alongside Cody and Jessica; he really should make it a goal to get all three out of the game before the jury if he can, and build a strong core of four / five people who can keep him insulated. Everyone knows he’s a good player this season, and it’s going to be really tough for him to get to the end.

After this week, our advice to Paul is to take a nap for a while, and let other people get out in front. He can’t be forgotten, but he doesn’t want to be in a Neda – Big Brother Canada position where he’s targeted the moment that his safety is up.

Of course, your resource for more

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