Wayward Pines author keeps season 3 hopes (technically) alive

Wayward PinesAt the moment, it does feel fairly clear that the odds of a Wayward Pines season 3 happening are fairly low. After all, the show is not on the air this summer, and Fox has been very quiet as to whether or not they would bring it back for another go.

The good news that the ratings don’t necessarily look all that terrible when you compare them to much of what is happening on the air right now … but that is unfortunately the end of the good news. The bad news is that the longer the show stays off of the air, and the increasingly harder it is to imagine the show ever coming back. While we do think that there is a fan base interested in more stories, we’re just not sure ultimately if it is big enough to move the needle in the end.

Recently, series author Blake Crouch did an AMA on Reddit discussing some of his books, and one of the more notable things that he had pointed out was that the show “has actually not been cancelled, so keep your fingers crossed [for there to be more].” Crouch doesn’t have much say in whether or not additional seasons of the show happen, but there is something nice to the idea that there is still a loyal contingent of people out there who are keeping the dream alive that there could be something more with the show and some of these characters moving into the future.

The ball, for now, is firmly in Fox’s court, and the one thing that can be said now with certainty is that this is not an issue of the network not having room for it on the schedule. Like another network in ABC, Fox at the moment is not really putting much of a priority on any sort of summer programming. What they are doing instead is putting their focus on cheap-to-make reality programming. If they revisited scripted, we hope that they do so with a show like this, one that actually does challenge its audience and make them think here and there while entertaining them every step of the way. It’s better to have this than something that is a little bit more simple and derivative.

Now, we turn this over to you

Do you still want to see a Wayward Pines season 3, and what sort of story do you want to see from the show when it comes back? Be sure to share some more of your thoughts on the subject below!

Rest assured that once there is some further news to discuss, you can do so by heading over to the link here. (Photo: Fox.)

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