Longmire season 6: How to celebrate the show’s conclusion

Longmire season 6There are many reasons to celebrate Longmire season 6 happening and coming on the air, but shouldn’t fans also celebrate themselves?

In looking back at some of the various fan campaigns that we’ve seen in the past eight years of being a television journalist, this one remains one of the best and the strongest. It was meaningful, heartfelt, and it made valuable and valid arguments as to why the show should find a new home. It was also targeted well to where the potential homes could be.

One of these such homes? Netflix, who ended up picking up the show and airing it for three more seasons after A&E canceled it. Fans, producers, and cast members alike were all able to express the value in the show going there. It offered up something powerful and different than anything that the streaming provider had before. This appealed them to older viewers, people in the heartland, and also fans of crime series that may have been less keen to subscribe beforehand. While it’s impossible to get any sort of ratings / streaming data from Netflix, we very much do believe that there is a contingent of people who joined the service for Longmire and may be now checking out some other programming that is there.

Is it fair to be disappointed that Netflix decided to end the show after season 6? Certainly, but we hold no bitterness towards them. They gave Longmire a final season to tie things up their own way; we want to believe in this never-say-never world that there is always a chance for something more to come down the road, but for now, we’re treating this firmly as the end.

Give yourselves a pat on the back

We credit the Longmire Posse Twitter account tremendously for the show’s revival and constant fan engagement ever since, and she’s put together a fantastic hashtag (see below) to use on July 15 in order to pay proper tribute to the show. This is the weekend following Longmire Days, so if you’re heading out to Buffalo, Wyoming and the surrounding area this weekend, you don’t have to worry about it then. We do think that this is a great way to honor the cast and crew, but we also want to make sure that we as Longmire fans feel a little bit of self-gratitude and worth for what was put into giving the show another chance at coming on the air.

One other thing to commend yourselves on — after Netflix revived the show, it would have been so easy to be complacent about promoting the show. That didn’t happen, and the enthusiasm very much remained. Filming may now be over, but let’s keep some of that enthusiasm going from now until the show premieres this fall.

Just in case you want further tributes to the end of filming…

We’ve been publishing some of those on and off throughout the week, and we suggest that you head over to the link in the event you’re interested in seeing more of them. (Photo: Netflix.)

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