Absentia teaser: Check out new Polish promo for Stana Katic series

Absentia teaserHow about this for a nice Fourth of July treat here in America? Today, there was released over on the Polish version of AXN a new Absentia teaser. This one sets the mood for the mystery / thriller starring Stana Katic, though it does not give you much in the way of actual footage in itself. It’s dark, it’s moody, and it gives you a sense of the deep connection that is there between the water and the torment that Emily Byrne (Katic) feels in her soul. She doesn’t understand herself, and more than that, she doesn’t understand just what was done to her.

For those wondering what the synopsis for the promo says, we have come up with a loose translation of it thanks to both Google and our own correcting of that translation:

“Absentia is the story of an FBI agent who chases after a serial killer in Boston before disappearing without a trace and the police consider her dead. Six years later, she is found in the forest. She does not remember what had happened to her in previous years.”

There’s another part of the synopsis, but we think that it’s a tad too spoiler-filled for our liking and there are some things (like suspense) that are very much important to a viewer for any show. As for what the messages within the preview say, unfortunately you’re on your own there.

What we can say after watching this is that the show really does want to hype up some of what makes it unusual, such as the imagery and the mystery, rather than the law-enforcement angle or the elements that make it a little more similar to other shows. Personally, we think of the FBI more as a touchstone, or a jumping-off point so that everything else can happen within the show.

In addition to Katic, Patrick Heusinger stars in the series as her former husband Nick Durand, who has married a new woman in Alice (Cara Theobold) and the two are working together to raise his child with Emily in Flynn. As if the whole concept of her coming back and the mystery there wasn’t bad enough, you have to add to it the personal implications for all of these characters. This also includes some of Emily’s other family, including her brother — a man who has gone through his own fair share of problems.

We’ve seen the premiere episode, and while we’re hesitant to say too much, we do think it’s well worth the wait and there is quite a bit that viewers will be talking about this fall when it premieres … in most territories announced so far. This includes Showcase up in Canada.

Want some further insight when it comes to prospective U.S. homes?

This is an article series that we did for the past couple of weeks, and if you head over here, you can take advantage of the opportunity to see many of those articles. We look at whether the show would work on broadcast, cable, premium cable, or even streaming providers like a Netflix or a Hulu. (Photo: Sony.)

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