Ink Master season 9: Who are the current favorites?

Ink Master new tonightIs Ink Master new tonight? If you’ve come asking that question, we unfortunately come bearing some bad news for you: It’s not happening.

The big reason for the preemption for the Spike reality juggernaut tonight should be fairly easy to understand: Today is the Fourth of July! Even though Ink Master isn’t in ratings jeopardy and has already been renewed for a tenth season, we still don’t think that the network wants to see the ratings drop — and they certainly would in the event that there was a new episode of the show airing tonight. There are so many people off doing other things — even if fireworks aren’t your thing, this is a time of year when people are outdoors making memories with their friends and loved ones. We know that we will be!

Since we did want to give you some sort of Ink Master article today to tide you over, we thought we’d briefly look at all of the teams competing at present on the show to give you a sense of who’s rising to the occasion, and who is leaving something to be desired.

Unkindness Art – They are a reasonably solid pick to make it fairly far this season, mostly because of the strength of Erin Chance and the ability of Doom Kitten to learn quickly. Chance is the star here, but they’ve been successful in several challenges and work really well together – and that is the key to winning this whole thing.

Think Before You Ink – Despite being a veteran, Made Rich is making some serious strategic errors. He’s being so difficult for people to be around that they’ll want to target him. Expect danger here, and quickly.

House of Monkey – They are a little too new to get a full perspective on, but given that neither performed all that well the last time they were on the show, we’re a little hesitant to give them the green light to go far. Also they seem to have had some stumbles in working well together.

Artistic Skin Design – By far the favorites in our mind of the newbie contestants given that they’ve been dominant in elimination challenges, and even when they had to go against the challenge to stay in the competition, they still weren’t in danger. The married couple that works together, wins together!

Classic Trilogy Tattoo – We have a similar nerd sensibility to them so we really want to root for them, but they seem to be this season’s contestants who don’t want to drift from their style and get eliminated at around sixth place. They need to show the judges something different.

Pinz and Needlez – Very solid artists who have impressed everyone the past couple of weeks. The biggest reason they’ll last a while, if they keep this up, is because they know how to communicate with each other and not fight. Also, their artwork is solid. We expect to see them at the end.

Allegory Arts – Too much internal conflict. They have struggled to keep it together for weeks now, and sooner or later that will come back to bite them.

Old Town Ink – It’s still a little odd that the big star of the team is the first-time contestant in DJ Tambe, but they’re right up there with Artistic Skin Design as the team to watch.

Your take

Who do you think is the current Ink Master season 9 favorite? Share in the comments below!

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