The Flash season 4 premiere title is ‘The Flash Reborn’

Flash rebornWant to know The Flash season 4 premiere title? We’re here to provide it, and it’s certainly exciting: “The Flash Reborn.” That sounds like the name of a big-budget movie, and it may be very much appropriate for the high-octane and high-concept nature of this series.

The title was first confirmed yesterday in a new post on Twitter by the official production office, who made it clear that there is an eight-day production period coming for the episode starting Today! Filming will be taking in Vancouver and the surrounding area leading up to a premiere on The CW this October.

One thing to caution you on – Even though today may be the first day of filming, don’t freak out if certain actors aren’t on set or seen anywhere. Remember that this is a show with a pretty large cast, and sometimes schedules are arranged in a way where only so many actors come in at a given time. The big thing to be excited about is that the cast is back, and they have a couple of weeks to work on things before they head over to San Diego Comic-Con in order to preview the season proper for the first time.

Now, we get to one of the most important questions here: What does the title actually mean?

The first thing that we’ll say is that we have a hard time thinking that this is a reference to Wally West becoming The Flash proper. He’s Kid Flash! Changing his identity would in some way suggest that Kid Flash is not worthy in his own right, and that feels like the wrong message to send. This is a story about identity in so many ways and accepting yourself in your own skin. The show shouldn’t try too hard to drift from that.

Instead, we think that this title is more appropriate as a reference to a search for Barry, and finding him somewhere within the Speed Force. We don’t anticipate that the writers are planning to keep him severed from the team for a very long time. For one, Grant Gustin is the lead of the show, and there is an obvious awareness that keeping your lead separate from the remainder of the cast is a very bad thing. Beyond that, the show only did Flashpoint for an episode, and if there was ever an arc that you could have extended, that’s probably it. It’s hard to imagine that they would be willing to draw out Barry being trapped here for all that long, all things considered.

What else could happen?

Yesterday, we made a pretty thorough list over at the link here of some of the big events that the CW show could try to pull off in the premiere, whether it be such thinks as giving you the Big Bad Clifford DeVoe for the first time or allowing Iris West to be the one to save Barry, for the second time in just two episodes.

What do you think about “The Flash Reborn” as an exceptional premiere title for season 4? Be sure to share in the comments! (Photo: The CW.)

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