Are Bachelor in Paradise 4 filming spoilers a big deal?

Bachelor in Paradise 4 filmingAs of this writing, Bachelor in Paradise 4 filming is going rather smoothly, with production getting to do much of what they planned originally.

Yet, there is still an important question worth pondering: Is the show’s production operating a little too publicly for its own good? We won’t spoil anything in this article for people out there hoping to be surprised, but there are at least two different dates and maybe more than have been spotted now on social media. There are some eagle-eyed Bachelor Nation fans down in Mexico, and it absolutely doesn’t help anyone that at this point, most of these fans already know where filming takes place, how long it lasts, and also the people who are taking part. They can find them without too much trouble, and take pictures on many of the dates. It’s Mexico, so of course people are going to be outdoors.

So is ABC all that concerned about these spoilers getting out? It doesn’t really seem like it at this point, given that we’re also in an era where people spoil The Bachelor and its dates all of the time, especially when the show is in Los Angeles. What can be said about that show is the same thing that can be said about this one: It matters a great deal near the end. In the early going, not so much.

With Paradise, the thing that production needs to work on are keeping some of the couples secure near the end of filming, which is when people want to know whether or not a proposal happens. With this show especially, there’s very little reason to keep watching past the first few weeks if you know who gets engaged. It’s challenging since Bachelor Nation knows who these people are and who they look like, so production’s gotta find a way to get a little bit tricky with it.

Should anything else be considered?

We’d love to see a season of Bachelor in Paradise that was filmed somewhere even more remote with new traditions, venues, and cultures to check out. Think about the show in Bermuda, Belize, Argentina, the Greek Isles, Fiji, Spain, or maybe a place American Samoa that could use even more attention put on it. This would be exciting from a scenic standpoint, but it’d also suit the show’s name and maybe even keep some more spoilers at bay. They’ll still come out, but we have to think that there is less Bachelor Nation foot traffic in some of these places than there is in Mexico at a familiar resort the show’s stayed at for years.

The only reason that this probably won’t happen is rather simple: Money. The show gets a nice bit of its production covered by Mexico’s tourism board, who uses it as a giant advertisement. Unless another country is handing over a ton of money, it’s hard to see it moving.

Should the show move, or are spoilers too rampant for Bachelor in Paradise?

Let us know what you think now in the comments! Of course, we’ll have more news as production continues. (Photo: ABC.)

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