Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Mark in the middle (day 13, evening)

day 13We begin this Big Brother 19 live feed article for the evening of day 13 with a simple question: What are you doing, Mark? Envision this in the voice of John Oliver shouting during an episode of Last Week Tonight.

Mark is a guy who, personally, we really like. He’s been nothing but a loyal dude and a sweetheart to most people, and we totally dig his friendship with Dominique. With that said, he is really letting his emotional connections get in the way of the game and he’s already waffling all over the place. Waffling makes people nervous, and it could be the thing that keeps people from respecting his game down the road, provided of course that he makes it far enough.

Tonight’s conversation between Mark and Dominique was very illuminating when it comes to perception. Not only did we see his perception on his friendship with Cody, but also how easily it can be altered. He was willing to side with him on getting rid of Christmas until Dominique hit a major point home to him: What sort of immediate threat is she to his game? She had a point, and Mark knew it. Mark seems to be mostly threatened because of avoidance — he hasn’t really talked to her, and Christmas is now worried about that because she feels like he is avoid her … because he is. Mark and Elena are two of the people waffling the most, and Christmas already laid some of her cards out to Elena tonight.

Obviously, the first vote is essential because it sets the tone of the season to a certain extent — but we also don’t think that it locks anything in completely. We think Christmas staying leads to a more complicated game than if Jillian does, mostly because Jillian’s side may be disposed to being a little tighter together. We see the likes of Cody / Jessica, Mark / Elena, Matt / Raven, Christmas, Paul, and Dominique coming apart at the seams rather than unifying with any sort of goal in mind. Remember that Cody is still blindly loyal to Alex despite the fact that he nominated her a mere matter of days ago.

Who is playing the best right now?

Kevin, just because nobody is talking about getting rid of him at all. Dominique’s also in a great spot for a while, and while Elena has a tendency to grate on some people, nobody seems willing to target her.

Oh, and we haven’t spoken too much about Raven, and how there are some people (including Cody) who are more invested in her winning than they are in them doing so themselves. This is dangerous to other people in the game and it’s reminiscent of Survivor: Tocantins and how people were willing to bend over backwards for JT to stick around.

If you missed it…

Check out some of our earlier updates today! We discussed the injury of Christmas in our morning update, and then posted some coverage later this afternoon about her returning to the game. (Photo: CBS.)

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