Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Christmas Abbott returning after injury

Christmas Abbott returningIs Christmas Abbott returning to Big Brother 19 after suffering an injury early Monday morning in the house? The following news should please some people out there.

This afternoon, Christmas did make her heroic return to the house after suffering that aforementioned injury earlier in the day. She’s set to undergo an MRI on Wednesday, but for now, she is sticking around in the game. Of course, this is exciting just because it’s terrible to think of anyone leaving the game because of a matter outside of their own control. Plus, it would really thin out the herd this season with Megan Lowder already gone following her decision to leave. Cameron was also sent home the first night, but that was planned for the season as opposed to someone being forced out of the game.

Our fear was that due to her profession, she would be one of those people who wouldn’t want to risk recovery in this environment that is outside her control. Luckily, she’s willing to stick it out and it doesn’t sound like she ever wants to leave due to something like this. Given that this is a reality show with a budget behind it, there are doctors on call that producers can bring in at any point. She’ll have a chance to recover provided that she ultimately is given the OK to stick around after the MRI.

While Christmas was out, there were some discussions about sending her out, but for the time being we do still think that she will have the votes to stay. The injury doesn’t seem to have much impact one way or another, and this is more about whether or not she is a loyal ally and someone to move forward with.

Is there anything else worth noting from this afternoon?

Not too much really, given that most of the conversations are less relevant with Christmas returning — we did still get a sense that for most of the people in Cody’s “alliance” (who knows that is now?) that backdooring Alex is their strategy for next week, so that’s one of the things to look at and consider for the time being. There was also a pretty fascinating conversation between Paul and Dominique about life goals and trying to achieve them — though we do think Paul needs to not refer to anything as a “mini-empire” ever again because he ventures a little too closely into “social media mogul” territory.

Remember that there are still a few days until the eviction; with that, there’s plenty of time for things to change. We also expect some feed downtime at some point due to the Fourth of July; hopefully, we’ll get a better sense of that before too long.

What do you think about Christmas’ return, and how it will impact the remainder of the season? Share in the comments!

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