The Flash season 4 gears up to start filming; what should you see?

Flash season 4Anxious for The Flash season 4? Well, rest assured that you don’t have to be anxious too much longer! Filming is about to start.

Production for the CW – DC Comics series is starting up this week; we know that there are many sources saying it begins tomorrow, but the reality is that filming will start on various days for various cast members. We don’t like to get too caught up in specifics unless an actor actually posts that they are at working filming new episodes.

Instead, the major thing we want to be transfixed on here is some of what we’d like to see over the course of the first episode back, which will air in October. More than likely, you will get a chance to find out a little bit more about this over the coming days.

1. Iris finding a way to save Barry – Sure, we imagine that some haters out there will be like “didn’t she already save Barry once recently?” as some sort of suggestion that she cannot possibly do so again. Remember that Barry has saved her many times, and just because you’re a superhero doesn’t always mean that you have to be the hero. It would be rather great to be able to see Iris be the one to figure out how to enter the Speed Force (even if she’s not the one physically doing it) and plucking Barry out without causing some sort of city-wide catastrophe. The message behind Iris as a hero — that you don’t need a cape to save lives — is too powerful to ignore.

2. Caitlin Snow resolution – Is she a hero? A villain? An antihero? Is she even around anymore? These are questions we want to see addressed, given that if we don’t see Caitlin in some form, it will probably be a distraction from everything else going on. Maybe you only give a small tease and then give Danielle Panabaker her own feature episode down the road to further extrapolate her story. We’re totally cool with that.

3. Where is Wally West now? – While we don’t want to see Wally becoming a carbon copy of The Flash, it should prove interesting to see how Kid Flash handles fighting crime in Barry’s stead and what that looks like. We want to see him faring okay at it, though it’s completely unfair to assume that he’s off doing this without any problem in the world. He’s a little more reckless than Barry, and there will be some consequences that go along with that.

4. DeVoe’s introduction – Sure, The Flash could wait for a little while before introducing formally their new Big Bad in Clifford DeVoe, but why wait? Even if it’s a small tease at the end of the premiere, everyone knows that it’s coming. Plus, it’d be a nice change for this show to not have its Big Bad shrouded in some sort of mystery for the bulk of the season. Just show us the face and then move forward!

There you have it — four ideas for the fourth-season premiere. Seems about right!

Now, let us know what you want to see on The Flash premiere in the attached comments! (Photo: The CW.)

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