Power season 4 spoilers: Lela Loren looks at Ghost, Angela’s future

Lela LorenIs there any hope at all for the Ghost – Angela relationship on Power season 4, and to go along with that, should there be any hope? Both are strong-minded people, and that is why the initial relationship that the two of them had was so popular in the first place. However, there were also clearly problems both then and now, with the biggest one being a little thing like Angela arresting him for murder.

Personally, our interpretation of last night’s episode 2 is such that Angela now realizes that something is terribly amiss with the case, given that Ghost would never be so sloppy as to leave a murder weapon at Truth. With that, she may have regrets about getting the ball rolling in the first place — at least for this particular crime. It doesn’t change Ghost’s past or his character that he is innocent of killing Greg; he is still a drug-dealer and a murderer in other ways. These matters make it very hard to reconcile the thought of wanting to be with him romantically, something Angela probably does not want in this moment and may never want again.

In speaking on this matter to Entertainment Weekly, Lela Loren did her part to make it clear where both she and her character stand:

“The romantic in me would like to think that it is recoverable. The realist in me looks back and he’s really going to have to change. One of them is going to have to change. Because the way it’s set up, it isn’t just like they have some dysfunction. They’ve got two very different fundamental points of integrity that are at odds. Being a murdering drug dealer is a non-negotiable for Angela.”

Here is the fundamental struggle when it comes to the Ghost – Angela relationship in relation to why we enjoy Power as a series. If Ghost changes, then suddenly a huge source of dramatic tension from the show is gone unless he’s just constantly trying to redeem himself from his past. Meanwhile, if Angela changes, the whole tension of her being in law enforcement is gone. It’s the forbidden-fruit aspect of their relationship that makes it so appealing from an entertainment standpoint; what do you do if that’s not there anymore?

Obviously, there are specific priorities here, with one of the biggest ones being that Ghost has to find his way out of prison first and that’s not going to be an easy task. Joe Proctor is on his side, but John is trying to nail him down and Angela’s certainly not getting in the way. Maybe that could change down the road, but it’s certainly not now.

What do you want to see come next for Ghost and Angela on Power season 4? Should they even want each other back after everything that they’ve gone through? Share below!

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