Game of Thrones season 7: Surveying the Iron Throne field

Iron ThroneWho will end up on the Iron Throne at the end of Game of Thrones? There are few questions speculated about more, but on this long holiday weekend, this feels like the perfect time to dive into the subject. There are many contenders still out there — some are fantastic, some are questionable, and some make you want to throw a glass of Tyrion’s favorite wine in someone’s face.

Yet, many of them still are worthy of some consideration! Based on where we are now entering season 7, here are some of the more interesting contenders.

Daenerys – She is very much the leading contender, given that much of the series to date has been geared around her finding her voice, her leadership style, and various armies. Yet, she’s also a little bit commandeering as a ruler, and while she may liberate, she’s also someone so transfixed on the idea of ruling she may be forgetting in the process about the humanity of it. It’s about the actions rather than the end result. To us, the more satisfying end for Daenerys is for her to realize that her thinking this whole time has been wrong, and sacrifice herself for the good of the people and the world. Think in terms of her, riding Drogon off to destroy many of the White Walkers once and for all.

Jon Snow – There is so much that makes sense here, given that he may be part Targeryan, he’s a determined leader, and he’s an underdog. Part of what makes Game of Thrones great is seeing people find power after spending so much of their lives squandering. Jon was the bastard, but he is now King of the North after another bastard in Ramsey Bolton was previously seizing power there. Him becoming the king of Westeros in the end is such a beautiful cap on his story. Bonus points if Sam ends up becoming Hand of the King. Is it a little bit too easy for this ending to become reality? Maybe “predictable” is the right word. Nonetheless, this would be a conclusion to smile about.

Tyrion – If something happens to both Jaime and Cersei Lannister, is he next on the line of succession at this point? Logically, there is a path to seeing him end up on the throne. Yet, he’s better as the puppeteer hiding off-screen letting the puppets do their work. Maybe Daenerys marries him and the two unite the people of Westeros, but he’s not the face of the organization.

Littlefinger – Maybe you say the same thing about Baelish, but the difference here is that he covets power in a way Tyrion does not. There is a clear narrative to Littlefinger somehow ending up as the ruler in the end — he started so low on the pecking order but strategically found various ways to rise in power. He’s incredibly smart and politically savvy. He may not be the ruler that anyone wants, but when you think for a moment about the way that many endings within the world of Westeros are devised, he could be the ruler that the world deserves if they all murder each other off.


Sansa – This, meanwhile, is the ruler that would be the most exciting from our vantage point. She started off the series as a spoiled brat, and while she does still have things to learn about leading and compassion, her on the throne would chart some of the most significant growth of the whole series. Her status as one of the Starks would take her far, she’d have the freedom to marry who she chooses, and there are so many people, whether it be Brienne or Davos, who would be willing to serve under her.

Maybe Littlefinger (pictured above) could serve with her, but we’re not sure we would ever trust him if we were Sansa contemplating her future in power.

Are there other candidates?

Sure, but we don’t envision anyone from the Iron Islands on the Thrones in the end. The same goes for the people in Dorne. They’re not likable enough to seize the throne and give a satisfying or even bittersweet conclusion.

As for Cersei staying in power … no. Just no. If Gendry somehow gets it after spending years chilling out on a boat somewhere, we all revolt. The same goes for the White Walkers murdering everyone and that being the end of the story. Arya’s too murderous in her own right to sit there in the end.

Who do you envision sitting atop the Iron Throne at the end of Game of Thrones? Share in the comments!

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