Bachelor in Paradise 4 spoilers: Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson will be seen

Corinne Olympios and DeMario JacksonEven though Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson may not be returning to Bachelor in Paradisethey will still have a presence on the show and after all of the drama surrounding them, it’s something that many have been curious to about.

Per a new report coming in right now via Variety, there are still plans for the ABC series to utilize some of the footage that was filmed before production was shut down and the incident took place between the two that caused an internal investigation and nearly the cancellation of the show. We certainly don’t expect anything from the incident itself to be shown, but the idea for production here seems to be to be reasonably transparent when it comes to the way that they choose to handle showing some of how the incident played out. They know that this incident was in the headlines for many weeks, and they would look incredibly foolish to just whistle down the street as though nothing ever happened.

Now, here’s the delicate issue that production really needs to be monitoring: The mood of the public towards the scandal. Nobody wanted to see their show taken away from them, and provided that nothing criminal happened, they wanted it to continue. The perception of the incident now is one of frustration and aggravation, and if you feature it too much in the story of the season, there’s a chance that you cause the audience to turn on you. Also, if you emphasize it too heavily in the marketing, it looks like you’re exploiting an incident that led to questions of assault for the sake of ratings. Even if it seems as though DeMario did nothing wrong, the accusations are unfortunately still out there that will forever associate him with this negativity. (If they want to associate him with that ridiculous stunt he pulled with Rachel Lindsay involving his ex Lexi, that’s an entirely different story.)

New episodes of this season will air later this summer, and it looks as though both DeMario and Corinne are unlikely to return to the show. There’s still a chance the former could turn up, but after everything with Corinne, it is significantly more unlikely that we end up seeing her on the show again — whether it be Paradise or any other iteration.

What do you think: Is showing DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios the right move, or a mistake that could hurt the season? Let us know below!

You can head over here to get some additional news when it comes to Bachelor in Paradise now. (Photo: ABC.)

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