Should Supergirl season 3 reveal Reign further at Comic-Con?

ReignLast month, the exciting news was first confirmed that Supergirl season 3 had cast Odette Annable in the Big Bad role of Reign. This is a reasonably-new character from the comic-book world, but also an extremely dangerous and tragic one. Unlike some other villains who are turned into destroyers and horrible people, she was cultivated to be a world-killer from the start. There was a small foundation laid out at the end of the second season, and seeing her first appearance in season 3 should prove terrifying (at least that’s our feeling on it).

The question that we wonder now is this: When are we going to get a chance to see this character? The comic-book incarnation of the character will likely be different from what the show decides to do, mostly because it would require Annable to basically be painted silver every morning otherwise. Nonetheless, the challenge comes in finding ways to pay homage to the comics while also doing your own thing with the role at the same time. You want a healthy mix between things old and new, while also addressing the realities of filming in Vancouver. You don’t want everyone to freeze in some of these costumes!

As of right now, it feels right for Supergirl to reveal something more about Reign while at Comic-Con this year, given that there is a panel coming in a few short weeks. By that time, there’ll be more news known about when she’ll be turning up in the flesh on the show and some of what the preliminary story of the season will hold. There are of course two other mysteries that we’d classify as important to most of the fandom at the moment.

1. Are we going to learn about Mon-El? The character’s off in space following what happened to Rhea, and clearly there’s a demand there already to bring him back.

2. What will the show do with Floriana Lima’s departure as a series regular? There are ways to continue the Alex – Maggie relationship where she is off screen for much of the time, but signs point to this being significantly more challenging than it was before.

Interested in some other news when it comes to Supergirl?

Then be sure to head over here! We’re going to have more articles pertaining to the show as we do get closer to the big premiere, so that is absolutely something that you should keep in mind. (Photo: The CW.)

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